The excitement in Paris overwhelmed her when it revealed that the couple were expecting another family member

Paris Fury apologized to Loose Women viewers on tonight’s show after accidentally swearing live on the air

Paris joined the panelists to discuss the hot topics of the day One of them was greeting their sixth baby with her husband, boxer Tyson Fury

In an interview with Jane Moore, Paris explained how excited she and Tyson are to welcome baby number six into their family:

“It came at a great time, the idea was that it was wonderful and it was all great news until we got home and everything was locked”

Thinking about the lockdown situation and homeschooling, she slipped:

“There was no school, everything was in the air so it was a great idea until the fan wasn’t hit and it didn’t go that well!”

Jane quickly apologized to the audience for the slip of the tongue in Paris and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, some language!”

The other panelists, Janet Street-Porter and Brenda Edwards, giggled as Paris took a moment to understand what she had just said

Paris went on to reveal Tyson showing up at the house, especially taking the kids to give their mom a break and appear on the show

Paris later announced that baby number six was expected to arrive in August and later didn’t rule it out: “I always said I wanted a big family, I mean, six is ​​obviously a big family The five I already have are one big brood, but I don’t know if I’m done “

She then joked, “I always say ‘I’ll see’ after everyone, but I could beat the Morecambe family here, the Radfords to 21!”

After Paris talked about her baby joy, Jane again apologized for Paris swearing earlier in this segment

Paris Fury

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