Players, survivors, and broadcasters remember the horrors that played out before them after a clash with Old Firm in 1971

Derek Johnstone walked into the Ibrox dressing room after a typically intense clash with Old Firm 50 years ago – and saw four black body bags lying in front of him

As he was told by an emergency worker: “You better go out, my son” – the ranger striker hadn’t really realized the severity of the horror that was taking place on the terraces outside

Sixty-six people watched on Jan. A soccer game arrived on January 1st, 1971 and never got home

You were knocked down to death on Staircase 13 of the stadium immediately after a New Year Old Firm derby, hundreds more injured

STV News spoke to survivors and players involved in the darkest day in Scottish football history

Johnstone, who had two spells as a player for Rangers from 1970-1983 and 1985-1986, said he could hear police cars and ambulances from the locker room

“I looked at the corner flag where Stair 13 was and I could see all of the corpses that were laid out on the corner flag. I’ve never felt this bad in my life,” said Johnstone

“My thoughts were everywhere I was thinking of those poor people who died in a soccer game”

David Hay played for Celtic that day.He remembers Colin Stein’s late equalizer for Rangers, who made it 1-1 and then prepared to head back to Celtic Park

But there was no usual post-game analysis of the result and performance – that was irrelevant on that darkest day

Hay said, “You sent someone to a game, they don’t come back and they are dead in a locker room

“You had people going to a game and the families are waiting for them to come back and not come back”

Among those who survived the crush was Robert Campbell, who went to the game with his best friend

He said the memories of that day are still extremely vivid and that he was lucky enough to survive

He recalled: “We were walking up the terrace towards stairs 13 and when we got to the top too many people were rushing around

“At that moment I felt my leg break, and the next thing I knew was that a police officer was holding me up and saying,” This one is still alive “And that was it”

Another survivor, Ian Loch, is another who says the day will never leave him, adding that he realizes how lucky and fortunate he is to be able to escape

“You could feel that it was pretty tight. The air was being pushed out of me and you gasped for air. At some point I thought that’s it

Writer and broadcaster Archie Macpherson, who rushed to the scene of the accident, says he will never forget to see all of the bodies, adding that he found it particularly shocking because of the setting

“It was a gloomy winter day, very gray, there was a cool fog everywhere,” he recalls

“I suddenly saw Jock Stein come out and Stein was asked a question about the game by a reporter and he went through it and I remember him saying,” The people are dead there”

“Stein had actually helped with the bodies, lifting and laying them, and he was deeply affected by it

“Here are people who showed up because of their love for football, because of their love for a certain club – dead”

According to Macpherson, William Waddell, the Rangers’ manager at the time of the accident, assumed responsibility for all subsequent procedures – to ensure that players visited injured supporters in the hospital and attended funeral services

“Willie Waddell decided the only way forward was to modernize the stadium, which was some sort of act of redemption, and consequently the modern Ibrox came as a result of that terrible tragedy,” added Macpherson,

The memory of Waddell’s actions after the tragedy is a take on Johnstone who says Waddell called all the players and told them, “There are going to be funerals we have to go to and we have to go to the hospital”

A special memorial service has stayed with Johnstone all these years It took place in the village of Markinch near Glenrothes in Fife

“I went to a funeral in Markinch where the five boys came from, all from the same school, the same soccer team,” said Johnstone

“Markinch, a small village, has maybe 2,500 or 3,000 people there – it seemed like everyone was on the street, everyone was outside”

Rangers have observed a minute’s silence, and the laying of a wreath of flowers on the John Greig statue will take place exactly 50 years after the tragedy leading up to the Scottish Premiership game against Celtic this afternoon

In a statement, the club said: “At the time, the 1971 Ibrox disaster was the worst disaster in British sport and the effects of the disaster affected not only the Rangers but also Glasgow, Scotland and society profound from as a whole

“The memory of the supporters who died in 1971, as well as those who died in previous Ibrox tragedies, have a special place in the history of the club and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the club Anniversaries of the 1971 disaster will come together to remember their life and legacy ”

ScotRail paid more than £ 1, numbers show 1 million in a passenger compensation system for delayed flights over a year

A freedom of information request from the Scottish Liberal Democrats revealed that the operator 1129Withdrawed £ 97617 in 2019-20 until lockdown

Carole Ford, Transportation Spokeswoman for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, said: “These staggering payouts are the result of endless delays on the Scottish rail network in the year leading up to the pandemic”

â ???? This just scratches the surface. Many more people may be eligible for compensation, but the process is not automatic

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????

â ???? We need to make sure the services are running efficiently when the pandemic ends and people return to public transport

???? Cancellations and delays disrupt the journeys of thousands of passengers, damage our economy and put people off public transport in the event of a climate emergency

â ???? In the remaining time in the current franchise, ScotRail needs to take quick steps to demonstrate that it can finally meet its commitments ”

With the delay reimbursement system, passengers can request compensation of 50% of the fare for journeys with a delay between 30 and 59 minutes and 100% for delays between 60 and 119 minutes

In the event of delays of 120 minutes or more, claims can be made to 100% of the return flight price

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “Railway workers across the country have continued to provide key worker services throughout the pandemic

???? Focusing on historical issues is a disservice to the many employees who have made sustained progress over the past 12 months

“Performance hasn’t just improved” The last reporting period saw a record high in public performance measurement (PPM)

compared to the same period last year

???? ScotRail employees, both on the front lines and behind the scenes, have shown throughout the pandemic that they can make improvements in difficult circumstances

â ???? We anticipate that the focus will continue as we try to get out of the pandemic in the future, in the meantime, we will try to help ScotRail with this rather than criticizing them for problems already well recorded

The delay refund rightly remains available for passengers who are affected by disruptions or cancellationsâ ????

A ScotRail spokesperson added, “We are absolutely committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and our guarantee of delay in repayment is at the heart of that approach

???? The Delay Repay system is easy to use, especially on the online claims portal, and we regularly remind our customers to seek compensation if their trip is delayed by 30 minutes or moreâ ????

Charity Warns of Council Tax Debt – Blast? In 2021, fears of the coronavirus pandemic will exacerbate arrears

In 2019/20, 2,257 people sought help from the Citizens Advice Network on a complex council tax-related debt problem that totaled £ 68m in arrears

The average debt burden was £ 3020 ???? more than double the average council tax of £ 1201

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Financial Health Spokesperson Myles Fitt said: “Scotland may face a council tax debt explosion in 2021

â ???? The pre-pandemic numbers are bad enough, but the real fear is that Covid-19 will make matters a lot worse

???? Councils across Scotland showed a genuinely empathetic approach to those who found themselves in trouble paying taxes, and the pause in payments during the first six months of the pandemic was extremely welcome

â ???? However, this has resulted in arrears in payments that will be difficult to cover for the many people who have experienced a decline in income during this period due to unemployment or reduced working hoursâ ????

He said on behalf of others the problem will still exist in 2021 when the vacation program and payment support measures end in late April

Mr Fitt added: “Action is needed to stop the council’s tax bill”The Citizens Advice Network already sees the biggest debt issue to be an even bigger problem

â ???? Citizens Advice Scotland would like assistance to those who have fallen into the council’s tax debt due to the economic consequences of Covid-19 alone

â ???? This could be done through a commitment by the Scottish Government to pay the cost of writing off such debts, the establishment of a Council Tax Hardship Fund, or through the long-term continuation of the supportive indulgence of the local authorities ”

He urged people to see if they were eligible for tax savings, discounts, rebates or tax exemptions like the Scottish Government’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTR)? via the charity’s online tool

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The council’s tax cut system means no one has to endure financial hardship because they have lost their ability to pay their council tax”including those affected by coronavirus

â ???? The pandemic and the resulting economic hardship have led to an increase in the number of CTR cases Almost 500000 households now receive some level of reduction On average, recipients save over £ 700 a year

???? We have the councilors 25 million GBP allocated to help them offset the increased cost of the CTR system on top of the 351m already allocated GBP to cover

â ???? During the pandemic, we asked local authorities to use their powers to backdate CTR requests by up to six months and not take enforcement action until they are satisfied that the income of the household in question has not been affected by the pandemic or is likely entitled to a reductionâ ????

The daily numbers for deaths, hospital admissions, and ICU cases will not be released until Jan. January reported

On Friday, the Scottish Government revealed 28313 new tests with 9 results, 7% of which were positive

Since the outbreak began, a total of 129992 people tested positive for the deadly virus

The daily numbers for deaths, hospital admissions, and ICU cases will not be released until Jan. January reported

As of 31 On December 31st, the official death toll in Scotland was 4,578, but weekly figures of suspected Covid-19 deaths recorded by National Records of Scotland suggest the most recent total is at least 6,298

The Scottish Government’s daily numbers reported 2622 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, with 2045 infections on Wednesday and 1895 people testing positive on Tuesday

1/2 Today’s case numbers are alarmingly high again. The new variant accelerates the spread PLEASE do not visit other people’s houses today – even today – if you walk in someone for the first time today or hug / kiss / shake hands HNY, put yourself, others & at risk to the NHSTwittercom / ojLVBTkZE7

In response to the numbers, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “The number of cases today is alarmingly high again”The new variant accelerates the spread

“If you walk in or hug / kiss / shake hands for the first time [Happy New Year] someone today, you are putting yourself, others and the NHS at risk

???? The vaccination cavalry is on its way, offering real hope for 2021 â ???? But with this new variant, the next few weeks could be the most dangerous we have faced since March / April

â ???? We have to work together to suppress it, save lives and protect the NHS.

The pandemic has stopped the return of football at all levels, and many amateur clubs have been out of action since March 2020

High profile football clubs in Scotland have been asked to donate fines for the grassroots game

James Dornan MSP has written to the Chairs of all 12 SPFL clubs asking them to consider the voluntary measure for internal punishment for 2021

Glasgow Cathcart’s SNP MSP has also advised Scottish Football Association (SFA) Chairman Ian Maxwell on the possibility of a similar initiative with fines paid to the board of directors for players

He said: “There is no doubt that times are tough for the Scottish game as many clubs are just struggling to get through”and local base clubs are no exception

???? Professional clubs across Scotland have worked tirelessly to support their communities during this pandemic and to help charities and local organizations reach those in need

???? But while the professional game was allowed to continue under strict rules, there is more we can do to get community football back on its feet in 2021

â ???? This voluntary action would be a small gesture by the clubs that would help us recognize both the importance of community football and the positive impact our national game has on our wellbeing as we hopefully come to a greater sense of normalcyâ ????

Coronavirus restrictions have prevented a full return of football at all levels, and many amateur clubs have been out of service since March 2020

Dornan said that given that much of the country is currently at level four, the base clubs are still unsure of when the new season can begin leave some on the verge of folding

Steven Gerrard has urged Rangers fans to stay away on Saturday as the club turns 50 Celebrating the anniversary of the Ibrox disaster

The Covid-19 pandemic means Gers bosses are planning a scaled-down tribute to remember the 66 fans who met on Jan. January 1971 lost their lives in a swarm

And Light Blues boss Gerrard has asked fans not to visit the stadium before the Old Firm derby on Saturday

“In a normal situation we would have a lot of people on site and obviously we would provide full service so that we can show our respect that way”

“But due to Covid-19 things will look a little different. As an association, we would like to continue to pay our full respect to all those involved and to all names who are no longer with us

“It’s a very special day, I and the players all know that – but I would ask all of our fans to stay away”I know this is difficult, but we also have to respect the situation we are in and stay safe at home”

Gerrard’s 10-year-old cousin Jon-Paul Gilhooley was the youngest victim of the Hillsborough disaster, and the former Liverpool captain admits he resonates with the grief of those who lost their lives at Ibrox

He said: “Yeah sure, from my point of view there is certainly a connection with my connection to the Hillsborough disaster

“I know for a fact what this catastrophe means for the people, and I want to express my full respect to all families and survivors. I also want to pay my respect to the deceased”

With people being urged to celebrate the end of 2020 at home, those behind Edinburgh’s Hogmanay posted a series of videos titled Fare Well

The Scots celebrated the New Year without the traditional street parties The organizers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay released “swarm of drones” instead Videos

With people urged to celebrate the end of 2020 at home, those behind the city’s annual New Year party released a series of videos titled Fare Well

You have a swarm of 150 illuminated drones that form symbols and animals in a “beautiful ode to Scotland”

Each video features a narrative by actor David Tennant and verses written by Scotland’s official poet Makar Jackie Kay

While appearing to be flying over landmarks like Edinburgh Castle, the drones were flown elsewhere before being converted to other footage

The third and final installment in the Fare Well series was released on Thursday after the first video showed the drones in highland landscapes

Underbelly, the producers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, say it’s the biggest drone show ever made in the UK

The drones were flown in the Highlands before being included in footage that was filmed separately in Edinburgh Due to the coronavirus restrictions, they said

Director Charlie Wood said, “With 2020 being the year it was, let’s end the old year and hurry into the new year with a message of hope at a world class event

will be no exception â ???? Edinburgh’s Hogmanay’s mission is to sing it from the rooftops with a creatively run and proudly Scottish celebration

???? We are grateful to our creative team and Edinburgh City Council, EventScotland, the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland for helping us create a unique and special moment for people

Earlier, Police Scotland warned people of gatherings at Hogmanay that violate restrictions and could potentially spread the virus further

All of mainland Scotland and Skye are still subject to level four restrictions, while the other islands are level three

The Hogmanay Street Party last year had around 100000 visitors with live performances by Idlewild and Mark Ronson in Princes Street Gardens

While there were no midnight fireworks at Edinburgh Castle, an exhibition was held at the Wallace Monument in Stirling

Ciaran Quinn was supposed to be born before Christmas, but instead arrived at 12 p.m. Friday at 7 p.m.

A South Lanarkshire couple welcomed a newcomer to 2021 after their young son was one of the first to be born on New Years Day in Scotland

Parents Lisa-Anne, 40, and Barry Quinn, 40, were expecting their baby to be born before Christmas, but he decided to take a late entry on New Years Day instead

The new mom said, “After the year we just had it,” it’s great to share this beautiful news with everyone at the beginning of 2021

â ???? When they called us, we realized that his birth would either be the last in 2020 or the first in the New Year

Cheryl Clark, Chief Midwife for NHS Lanarkshire, said: “Everyone here would like to warmly congratulate Lisa-Anne and Barry on their little bundle of New Years joy”

A married couple in Edinburgh also brought a newcomer with them in 2021 after their little daughter was born at age 1254 o’clock

Isabelle Ailsa Paton was born at Simpsons Center for Reproductive Health at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh

The acclaimed opening footer for parents Jennifer and Richard Paton, aged 32 and 33, from Ratho, Edinburgh, weighed 6 pounds 85oz

Her father said: “Absolutely delighted with our little Isabelle”Couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2021

â ???? We are very grateful for all the great staff at the Royal Infirmary, they were fantasticâ ????

Elsewhere, Lauren Docherty, 27, gave birth to the first baby, born in Glasgow on New Years Day 2021

Finn was born at 1.58 a.m. at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces, just like his big brother Logan â ???? now 18 months old â ???? weighed at birth

Ms. Docherty and her partner Brad Girvan, 28, live in the west of the city

Jade Burns and Billy McKnight of Carronshore, Falkirk, greeted them at 6 p.m. on the world 6 p.m., weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces

Police said they reported on Sunday the 27th Visited a property in Aberfoyle on December 31, following reports of a meeting

More than 30 people were charged after a party reportedly took place in a rented vacation home during the Christmas festivities

Police said they visited a property on Lochard Road in Aberfoyle at around 11 a.m. Sunday, April 27 December, 10 a.m. after reports of a meeting

Officers said 32 people were found inside and have since been charged with culpable and reckless behavior

Aberfoyle, which is on the edge of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, reached level four of Covid-19 restrictions on Boxing Day along with the rest of mainland Scotland

According to Tier 4 rules, indoor visits are prohibited and no more than six people from two households can meet outdoors

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Around 11 am on Sunday the 27th December, at 10 a.m., police received a report of a gathering at a rental property on Lochard Road in Aberfoyle

???? Officers participated and 32 people were discovered. All 32 people were charged with culpable and reckless behavior and will be the subject of a report to the Fiscal Prosecutor

The emergency services were made aware of the fatal attack on Erskines Park Drive just before 1 p.m. on Friday

The emergency services were made aware of the fatal attack on Erskines Park Drive just before 1 p.m. on Friday

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We received a call at around 12 noon Friday, Jan. January 5, at 5 p.m., following a report on a man attacked in the Erskine Park Drive area

Ibrox disaster

World News – GB – “Please God, don’t let me die”: 50 years since the Ibrox disaster