Businessmen David Whitehouse and Paul Clark were paid damages by the Troop after they were wrongly arrested during the investigation into the club’s sale in Glasgow

Police Scotland has spent at least £ 1,4m investigation into the failed fraud investigation into the sale of Rangers FC

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone has announced that Former Administrator David Whitehouse has received more than £ 310.00 in damages and legal fees from the Troop

His colleague Paul Clark received up to 75000 pounds and a sum of money to pay his legal fees after the men were wrongly arrested in 2014

The Crown Office has since determined that the duo’s persecution was “malicious” while Lord Advocate James Wolffe told QC the case was “a very serious mistake” in law enforcement

Scotland’s police chief revealed the cash numbers in a letter to the MSPs after appearing before a Holyrood committee last month

He estimated the cost of the “core team” at Operation Iona to be $ 1 million over a three-year period GBP paid

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Mr Livingstone said lessons had been learned from the investigation and the police would be fully cooperative with a judge-led investigation due to take place in the future

He added: “The police are dealing with challenging and complex matters at all times to improve the life of the public

“If we don’t do everything right, reparations will be treated on a case-by-case basis and with a view to ensuring fairness and best value for the public purse”

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World News – UK – Police Scotland spent £ 1.4m on the doomed Rangers FC fraud investigation