Duke raped the fresh Prince of Bel-Air on the Late Late Show, saying he left the royal family because it “ruined” his sanity

The Duke of Sussex has blamed the media for his departure from royal life, stating that the British press “has ruined his sanity”

Prince Harry, 36, told chat show host James Corden that things had become so “toxic” that he felt he had no choice but to remove his family from the situation / p>

The Duke’s 17-minute segment on Cordens The Late Late Show, which included a cameo by his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, preceded the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in the US next Sunday should be

It also coincided with the Queen’s first public comments on the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, which indicated that her commitments were no longer coordinated with those of the royal family

The response to his Buckingham Palace interview was a resigned shrug as sources said there was no desire to comment or “create drama” every time the couple appeared on television

“They’re getting on with their lives,” one told the telegraph, “Everyone knew about it and it was their own choice”

A source close to the Duke said he saw it as a good opportunity to have fun while learning about his life and decisions during a “somewhat difficult time” “

The segment was opened on 5 Filmed February in Los Angeles before it was confirmed the Sussexes would not return to royal life

Although they had been given “a hint” of what was to come, nothing had been finalized and, at the time, the couple were not certain that they would be deprived of their royal patrons and titles, it was alleged

When the Duke jumped on board, Corden told him to pay the fare and asked him to say, “You know us royals, we have no cash with us”

He also admitted it was his first time on an open top bus because “we’re not really allowed to do that,” although he claimed he always wanted to go sightseeing. When the driver braked and a car with his afternoon tea, ” a little piece of home ”, bumped into Prince Harry, he cursed in shock, before he hysterically spat out his tea

He gave The Crown his seal of approval, despite numerous criticisms of the portrayal of his family history, not least with the involvement of his parents, and said it was fictional and did not pretend to be news

He added, “It’s loosely based on the truth. Of course it’s not accurate, but it does give you a rough idea of ​​this lifestyle and the pressures to put duty and service above family and everything else – and what comes of it can

“I’m much more comfortable with The Crown than with the stories written about my family, wife, or myself Because this is obviously fiction, take it what you want, but this is reported as fact, because you’re supposed to be news. And with that I have a real problem ”

The Duke joked that he would like actor Damian Lewis to play him on the show

He said, “It was a really difficult environment as a lot of people saw

“We all know what the British press can be like and it has ruined my sanity I thought this was poisonous

“So I did what any husband and father would do I thought I have to get my family out of here

“But we never went away. Whatever decisions are made on this side, I’ll never go away. I will always contribute to it

“My life is a public service Wherever I am in the world it will always be the same”” He added, “Meghan has gone along with this, and we both like to do that @

He claimed when the Queen asked what his son wanted for Christmas, the Duchess said a waffle iron, and so she sent it

“Meg makes a nice organic mix,” he said, “Turn it over in the waffle iron, it comes out. He loves it Archie wakes up in the morning and literally just walks: Waffle? Done ”

He revealed that both the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh could use zoom and see Archie “walking around” He laughed as he added that at the end of the call the Duke, who has since been hospitalized, simply slammed the lid of the laptop instead of pushing the button

After Prince Harry went into the bathroom, Corden tried to convince him to buy the sprawling mansion before calling his wife to make the decision

The pregnant Duchess, 39, appeared shortly after Corden called her on the Duke’s cell phone after looking up her under “M”

When the presenter suggested buying the house, she said they had “moved enough”

Meghan revealed her husband’s nickname when she said, “Haz, how’s the LA tour going?”

Corden later teased his friend, saying, “Haz? I didn’t know we were going to call you Haz now “The Duke replied,“ Well, you are not my wife ”

In the early days of their relationship, he said they went from zero to 60 in the first two months

“The date with me or another member of the royal family, I think, is going to be turned upside down

“All the data turns into dinner, or watching TV or chatting at home. Then, when you’re a couple, finally venture out to dinner, the movies, and anything else

“Everything was done with us from back to front, so we had to spend an enormous amount of time just for the two of us

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James Corden

World News – GB – Prince Harry tells James Corden all about Archie’s first word, his views on the Crown and family life with Meghan

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2021/02/26/prince-harry-tells-james-corden-archies-first-word-views-crown/