The Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized “as a precaution” on Tuesday evening after feeling unwell, Buckingham Palace said

Prince Philip, 99, was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London

A palace source told the BBC that he had driven to the hospital, where he was admitted on the advice of his doctor

The Duke had been feeling uncomfortable for a few days, but it had nothing to do with coronavirus, the source added

It added that he was “in a good mood” at the hospital, where he was expected to be observed and rested for a few days

Last month, the palace announced that Prince Philip and the Queen had received Covid-19 vaccinations from a family doctor at Windsor Castle

The couple spent coronavirus lockdown in England at Windsor Castle with a small housekeeper nicknamed HMS Bubble

They quietly celebrated Christmas at their Berkshire residence instead of gathering in Sandringham

A spokesman no 10 said Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent “best wishes” to the Duke while he was on “a few days off in hospital”

The palace protects the privacy of members of the royal family regarding health issues Those who hope for ongoing comments are invariably disappointed

But the spokesmen for the palace went out of their way to emphasize that this was not an emergency room and that this was a precautionary measure

The Duke has been a bit in and out of the hospital for the past few years

But overall his later years were shaped by his health and energy; he quit smoking the day he married the queen; He has never drank much and has been an avid athlete for decades, constantly striving to stay fit and strong when others were tempted to take it easy

The last time he was seen in public, he appeared to be in good health and unaided – and he went to the hospital Tuesday night after driving there

In December 2019, the Duke spent four nights at King Edward VII Hospital, where he was admitted as a “precaution” and treatment for a “pre-existing illness”

He was later released on Christmas Eve and driven to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, where he spent Christmas with the Queen

The treatment he’s received over the years for various health problems includes treating a clogged coronary artery in 2011, a cystitis in 2012, and exploratory surgery on his abdomen in June 2013

The Duke missed events to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland in 2016 on “medical advice” before retiring from the public service in 2017

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