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A NEW calculator predicts how long it will be before each person gets the coronavirus vaccine

The Omni website uses the government’s priority list to estimate how many people are in line for the UK stitch in front of you

The NHS begins today with the introduction of Oxford University / AstraZeneca vaccination to the city

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to the nation last week and said the UK had pre-ordered 100 million doses of the newly approved vaccine which, along with the Pfizer push, would be enough to vaccinate any adult in the UK if he so wishes

But with 66 million people in the UK, how long will it be before you can be vaccinated?

The omni calculator asks users their age, whether they work or live in a nursing home, work in healthcare, or are pregnant

It also needs to know if you have been asked to shield the lockdown or if you have underlying health conditions

The form can be used to guess how many people are waiting in line in front of you, and an intake rate of 70 percent and 1 million people per week to estimate when you are likely to be vaccinated

For example, a 30-year-old who doesn’t work in a healthcare or nursing home, is not pregnant, and has no underlying health conditions will be anywhere between the ages of 27132105 and 38844493 people in front of you have to queue

You can also expect to be between 19 January and the 2 July 2022 to receive two doses of the vaccine

A 65 year old with the same circumstances will be aged between 9926645 and 12305865 people have in front of you and can expect the two doses between the 23 May and the 25th June this year

However, a 45-year-old healthcare worker turns 503378 and 4384545 people are much higher in the queue

You can assume that between the 5th April and 29 May this year are fully protected

Click here to use the omni calculator to find out when YOU will receive the Covid vaccine

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