Rachel Stevens spoke about the mental health problems she faced at S Club 7 and said, “For many years I have put a lot of pressure and a lot of emotions away and not feeling them”

The singer, who rose to fame in Simon Fuller’s 7-piece band in 1998, said that “a lot is going on” behind the scenes, despite the band’s kid-friendly image, with hits like S Club Party, Reach and Never Was One Dream come true

Stevens, 42, said it was difficult to grow up in the spotlight while she was still dealing with the effects of her parents’ separation

Rachel Stevens tells the #LooseWomen why she believes it is so important for people to open up and talk about how they are feeling

She said to ITV’s Loose Women, “In a band like S Club we were marketed in front of a very young audience and it was very shiny and happy and everyone saw the kind of polished end product and we were very packaged

“Under all this, there was a lot going on with my things and my emotions and my things that were going on

“As soon as the camera is on and (you) go ahead and sing Reach, put on a smile and put on a show but there is obviously a lot going on behind the scenes ”

Stevens, who starred with the band in their own BBC television series Miami 7, said she had been helped through therapy sessions

She said, “I actually had personal therapy when I was 18/19. At that point, I started therapy and felt like I really had to talk about all of my things that I really just had to understand.” / p>

“I’ve spent many years pushing away a lot of feelings and emotions and not feeling them – which was from my childhood

“I grew up in a family where we didn’t talk a lot about our feelings. I got used to internalizing a lot of things

“It is so important to talk to get those feelings out. The more they are inside, the more they manifest and you internalize them and they get a lot bigger”

She added, “I have therapy weekly I need it as such an outlet I think I am someone who has always worried, someone who thinks a lot, someone who is internalized a lot and is incredibly emotional and sensitive

“I think I need this person, I obviously speak to my closest friends, my husband, but other than that, this person who is not that close just gives me the opportunity to be recognized and understand everything when There isn’t that emotional connection that I think is really important ”

“It’s so strange growing up in an industry where you keep seeing pictures of yourself constantly pictures of yourself that I think are really unhealthy

“I went to the S Club and felt pretty insecure, didn’t really know who I was and grew up in public I think all of this really plays into everything”

When asked if she was ready for the kind of exposure S Club 7 brought her, Stevens said, “I don’t know It’s difficult. I came to S Club at a time when I was very emotional I went through turbulence

“My family had all broken up, we had lost our homes, I was pretty much alone and just with my friends, working and internalizing all of these things

“I got into the band and it was so exciting and a total escape from all that stuff, but at the same time it allowed me to push all that stuff down even more

“And then everything was in the spotlight so I got so used to doing what I used to do as a kid, but doing it publicly and just pushing it all away without acknowledging all of these feelings I have“I brought myself into the band

“I would censor myself a lot. Even now, when I talk about this stuff, I’m not used to talking about it publicly, but I think it’s so important to get the message out there”

“I look on Instagram, look at these women who I think look amazing, but in fact, they are all real people, with the same struggles, the same feelings, and everyone trying to make sense of our own stuff and.” it takes daily work to become the best person you can be and that’s what I try to do every day ”

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Rachel Stevens

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