Posted: 13:07 GMT, 5 January 2021 | Updated: 13:46 GMT, 5 January 2021

Radox will remove the words “for men” from any of its product lines if it is complained that the label is sexist and “totally inappropriate in today’s society”

Disgruntled bathers have filed dozens of complaints about the wording of the Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak range An unhappy customer asked, “Don’t women get sore muscles Radox? Or are they just for men? ‘

Yesterday, Unilever said it would remove the label, but the words “for men” would stick on some other shower gels

Others criticized the move as unnecessary, saying the brand should trust customers to use their common sense

Most Radox bubble baths don’t have gender branding – but the muscle therapy product is aimed at men Unilever is now ready to remove the branding

Mark Lehain of the Campaign for Common Sense said, “Radox is free to brand its products however they like – but trust that their customers are using their own common sense when purchasing products

‘I’m a middle-aged man and not averse to the occasional’ heavenly ‘blister – and there will be plenty of women who can peek past a’ for men ‘brand and enjoy a muscle bath’

Another customer asked, ‘Is this important? As long as it smells like what you want and does the job, just use ‘

The brand offers a range of products for both men and women, but was criticized for branding the range in question when Felicity Cross asked, “How come only men need muscle therapy?”

Another user, referred to only as Beth, said, “This is where I am completely undermining gender norms by bathing in Radox muscle bath (for men)’

Complaints over the past few months have led Radox to reassure customers that they are removing “men” from some of their packaging, but others aren’t upset about the branding

Rachel Leopard said, “I’ve bought this bubble bath for years, then one day” for men “appeared on the label

And Louisa Compton – Channel 4’s news, current affairs and sports director – tweeted in August, “Don’t women get sore muscles Radox? Or are they just for men? ‘

Radox replied: ‘We hear you Louisa you are right, women buy our muscle therapy bottles for their sore muscles as much, if not more, than men

‘We know we still have some old packaging in stores, but later this year we will be removing’ For Men ‘from our muscle therapy bath for good’

Despite the promise made in August, there were still complaints yesterday that sparked a new pledge from the bathing brand

Radox received complaints after selling one of its “for men” brands The label is removed – but stick on some shower gels, the company said yesterday

A Radox spokeswoman confirmed the change last night, but said it would remain on some shower gel products

She said, “We can confirm that we are removing the” For Men “label from the packaging of our Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak while we continue to use it on some of our shower gel ranges

‘At Radox we always try to develop products that clearly explain their benefits and how they feel and smell, and have a wide range of products available that can be used by both men and women’

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