The 41-year-old actor shot’ Death In Paradise ‘on the Caribbean island and fell in love with the dog So much he had to fly her to his home in the US

He said, “Guadeloupe is a lot of strays we were filming at night and we walked to this place that was a bar and this little black bitch, she was three months old, jumps up like an idiot

“Instead of being a bit sensible and keeping her distance, she says, ‘Hello everyone!’ Dead happy to see us all

“Everywhere, I keep doing the scene, we’re ending the night and going back to base and the woman who is the costume supervisor has shoveled them under her arm and is walking with her”

Ralf had already decided to name her after the title character in “Dora the Explorer” and they bonded while the costume department worked hard to secure her a home in London

He explained: “They got her a European passport, they got a rabies shot, they got their worm pills, they took her to the vet and they were ready to take her home – they found a family in the UK that she would go into “

However, a few months later, pandemic flight restrictions meant they couldn’t bring the dog back to the UK The actor decided to 1To fly 366 miles to his Florida home, where he lives with screenwriter Lindsey Ferrentino

He added, “You wouldn’t believe the time and effort it took to get them to the US. To overcome them, I probably have about 2000 pounds spent She is just beautiful “

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