The striker’s desire to always play has helped Spurs tremendously, but also left little room for José Mourinho to rest his star

It was largely covered up last Sunday, but Harry Kane wasn’t in Tottenham’s original line-up for the Premier League game against Crystal Palace and then took a late fitness test for an unspecified problem that felt he was getting away with it can, and said José Mourinho

Armed with this information, Mourinho did what he almost always did, what Mauricio Pochettino did before him at Spurs, and what Gareth Southgate did with England whenever possible – he founded Kane The Center-Forward would in a 4-1 win book two goals and two assists

Spool forward on Thursday evening and another important game – the Europa League started in the round of 16, first leg against Dinamo Zagreb Kane, scored twice and was in the 84 Substituted minute after a 2-0 win When Kane sat down in the dugout, a club medic immediately placed what was possibly the largest ice pack ever seen on his right knee, cue panic among the Spurs supporters, if only briefly Kane would Remove ice before full-time and Mourinho later said he would be fine for Sunday’s derby at Arsenal

It wasn’t until the end of January that Kane injured both ankles against Liverpool, one worse than the other, only to be sent off at halftime. There were fears of a three week absence but he was back after 10 days to score the first goal at the 2-0 loss to West Bromwich Albion Spurs lost the two games they missed against Brighton and Chelsea – 1-0 each

It’s obvious to say that Kane is fundamental to Spurs’ hopes if he’s been a substitute in the Domestic Cups this season, the draws have been even every time, and Mourinho has kept sending him on the manager started also in two of the three Europa League qualifiers, which were knockout games, and introduced him as a substitute in Shkendija when the score was 1-1

For the past few weeks, Kane has felt like he is feeling the strain on his body, and Mourinho’s management of his logs has become a subject for forensic analysis. How does he do this from here? During the group stage of the Europa League he was able to use Kane mainly as a substitute or not at all, while without him he had survived both legs of the last 32 against the Austrian Minnows Wolfsberger

But at the start of the season there doesn’t seem to be a lot of games left that Mourinho would like to leave Kane out, so maybe next Thursday’s second leg against Dinamo could be one of the three at the end of the month Mourinho would choose despite there being It is England’s World Cup qualifiers against San Marino, Albania and Poland It’s doubtful that Southgate would see it the same way and would therefore expect a bit more back and forth between the two

What is clear is that Kane had and will continue to have a crucial say in his feelings and willingness to play.The problem would come when his determination to be involved and the responsibility he takes obscured common sense, and the impression has long been that Kane will always raise his hand for every minute; he will run and run until he falls Mourinho insists the approach is collaborative, but the risks and nervousness are pronounced

“Harry had a little knock the day before [the Palace game] we were all fit on the team, we don’t want to risk any players, “said Mourinho when asked about Kane’s original absence last Sunday.” We wanted to give a 100% guarantee that playing would have no impact on the near future”We only did a little if you want to call it a test or a minor, just to make sure it was right for the game and it was

“Said Harry,” Play me? “Yes, of course, like everyone else. For me, players make these decisions when a player has doubts I trust the player more than anything and the relationship we have between the coaching staff, medical staff and players is a very professional one. But the players’ feelings are very important ”

A related point – poor Carlos Vinícius it’s unclear if the striker had to resign for Palace, but he’s certainly disappointed that he played just six minutes against Dinamo as Kane’s substitute after serving in the Europa League Started When Available If Vinícius didn’t appreciate the difficult reality of being Kane’s replacement when he was loaned by Benfica last October, he is now

Mourinho denied Kane’s desire to play every minute was a problem, but then turned to a major tangent about “The hardest part of it and that’s why I love Vinícius is to have a very good striker who doesn’t play many minutes and stays motivated and works hard and fit and is ready to help the team”So my special words go to Vinícius because he’s a very good player and a great guy in the group

“When you have a striker like Harry it affects not only the goals scored but the quality and dynamism of the team as well. We know he’s built important routines [connections] with other players and it’s difficult is to leave it out ”

And so about the derby, a game in which Kane is the record player; He has 11 goals in 14 games. Vinícius will be ready All eyes will be on Kane

Harry Kane

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