TV presenter Saira Khan said she received death threats after revealing that she is not a practicing Muslim

The former Loose Women panelist made her belief clear in a column for The Daily Mirror earlier this week

“The problem for women like me, who are Muslim by name and have Asian heritage, is that others make assumptions about us before we even speak,” she said

She also posted a statement on her account stating that she was molested and trolled online

Khan became famous as a candidate for The Apprentice.Since then she has appeared on Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother

She has been a regular panelist at ITV’s Loose Women for the past five years, but stepped down from her role in December

In a newspaper column, the station said she wanted to clarify her position “for [her] own well-being”

“I have a feeling that if I say this as a public figure I will no longer inadvertently confuse or injure others of the Muslim faith,” she wrote

“People assume that because we have Muslim parents, we practice Muslims, that we have read the Koran, that we fast every Ramadan, that we do not drink, that we do not have sex before marriage”

Khan said that many aspects of her lifestyle were inconsistent with Islam, such as wearing clothes that violate accepted dress codes, drinking alcohol, and having a friend “behind closed doors”

The broadcaster with Pakistani heritage also stressed that she had adopted a child and that she had not followed Islamic rules governing her daughter’s inheritance rights

She continued, “I respect people who have Islam in their life – some are the most humble people I know

“I do not share your conviction, however. I have tried for many years, not for myself, but for my parents and the whole family”

She said I grew up in a practicing Muslim family “Most of my values ​​are based on the spiritual aspects of the Muslim faith. But I am also influenced by other spiritual teachings”

Khan took part in a live Instagram broadcast Monday night where she said she has received death threats since her article was published

On Tuesday, she posted a statement on Instagram reiterating that she had “been sent threats, abuse and trolling”

“Why my personal decision about how I want to live my life should provoke such hatred in others is incomprehensible to me,” she said

But the presenter added that she also had support from several followers.She shared screenshots of some of the messages she had sent

Khan said she had “been contacted by so many women in the past 24 hours to document their fears about wanting to live their lives the way they wish”

“Although I like to keep things optimistic and positive, I can’t forget that as a woman on my platform I have a duty to help other women

“We don’t have to look alike to feel each other’s pain I feel your pain when you’re hurt”

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