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SAM Heughan has bought a variety of properties since his big days with Outlander – he’s spent over £ 1 million

We can show that the 40-year-old actor bought three houses in the West End of Glasgow after his success as Jamie Fraser in the television drama

In February 2016, he gave 246£ 750 for a two bedroom apartment in Hyndland town before turning 490 two years later000 GBP for a block paid in Partick

His last property purchase was in October last year for an apartment worth 320000 GBP in Kelvinside

It comes after we shared earlier this month how Heughan of Balmaclellan, Dumfriesshire, revealed he was skin before his breakthrough role

He said, “Mister first taste of Hollywood was doing a self-tape for Tron and living in a shitty apartment on the outskirts of London at the time of the film

“I remember having very little money on my name and this beautiful car came to pick me up in first class, flew to Hollywood and stay at this amazing hotel”

Heughan, who will star in Outlander’s sixth season, shared how he struggled financially before taking his big break on the historic time travel show in 2013

He added, “I spent a lot of time in LA doing things, but returned to the UK with no money to show it off or a job”

“I remember having to sign up again or look for another bar job – and I was 34 years old

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Sam Heughan

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