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SCHOOLS will be opened on 8 Reopened March across England under the Boris Johnson Roadmap to be announced this afternoon

But can you keep your children at home even though the classrooms are no longer closed due to Covid-19?

Families who ignore government rules for their child’s education will be punished unless they have a “good reason”

It is against the law to keep your child out of school, with a few exceptions

This includes that your child is sick or that you have previously received approval from the school

Under current law, a local council may fine each parent of £ 60, which increases to £ 120 for each parent if the fine is not paid within 21 days

If the fine is still not paid after 28 days, you may be prosecuted for your child’s absence from school

This can result in a fine of up to 2500 GBP, a joint injunction or a prison sentence of up to three months

A spokesperson for the Education Department said, “The chief and deputy chief medical officer have highlighted the risks of being out of training for their development and mental health

“Schools should work with families to ensure that children participate full-time. As usual, fines are passed offside, but only as a last resort and when there is no valid reason for absence”

However, the ministry’s guidance also states that schools “should consider the potential concerns of students, parents and households who may be reluctant or fearful of going to school and provide the right support to address this”

Children who are particularly susceptible to coronavirus and whose immune system is weakened are exempt from attending school

The last time schools reopened, students blistered their grade group and were encouraged to stay home if there was an outbreak among students

It is also strongly recommended that parents ensure that their children’s other vaccinations are up to date

School leaders’ unions, the Association of School and University Leaders and the National Association of School Leaders agree that it is right to give students priority in the classroom

You have asked ministers to be transparent about the risks to children, families and school staff

The unions previously urged the government to remove fines for parents who keep their children away from school, the Guardian reports

Kevin Courtney, joint secretary general of NEU, insisted last November that ONS data showed schools “are a motor for virus transmission”

A joint statement by the teachers’ unions this week warned that it would be “inconsiderate” to have all students in England on Aug. March back to school

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Schools reopening

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