Keep track of all the action as Sheffield United host West Ham in the Premier League this afternoon

Chris Wilder’s side urgently needs to start their season after scooping just one point in their first eight games and is currently at the bottom of the table in the batting department, the blades have the most problems, scoring only four goals so far Rhian Brewster and Oli McBurnie haven’t found a shape yet

West Ham is in high spirits, has laid a promising foundation for their season and scored 11 points despite numerous opening games, however, The Hammers are still without Michail Antonio despite the striker’s return to full training after a hamstring injury ahead of the international break Actions below live:

78 minutes: What a chance! Rhian Brewster feeds the ball through the defense and into McBurnie’s feet. He runs slightly left into the box and is not caught. Only the goalkeeper who can beat McBurnie shoots with his left foot and hits the crossbar!

72 minutes: From the bar! A West Ham corner is whipped by Cresswell. Rice pushes for the ball and wins the header, but it ricochets off the crossbar and scores a goal kick

69 minutes: wide! Rice bursts into the box before sending the ball to Masuaku on the left.He shoots a short, sharp pass into the six-yard box and Haller hits it.He does not open his body to lead the ball to goal, but his touch leads him far past the nearby post

66 mins: McGoldrick has a shyness and gets very close to the blades. He is about 20 yards away and gets the ball. He runs it over his body and hits you with his right foot. The contact is good but the shot did not tilt enough to get him back under the crossbar and he goes over

63 minutes: Chris Wilder gets Rhian Brewster up to speed Oli Norwood is the man who gives way to blades

60 mins: Fornals and Bowen start to really worry Sheffield United The blades lose the ball in the middle of the pitch and Fornals puts it on the left flank He pushes the ball into the penalty area for Bowen flapping left and right, but can’t find a way

56 minutes: GOAL! West Ham takes the lead after Haller explodes! Bowen runs to the back line and goes to Fornals He cuts back in the middle at the edge of the box and puts it down for Haller, who runs on the ball and drills you into Ramsdale!

51 minutes: Masuaku brings the ball in from the left and places it on Rice. He throws the ball into the box and Haller brings it down. His touch takes the ball away from him, but he passes Ampadu and shows the ball The Ramsdale Gate responds quickly and emerges on the shot

48 mins: A diagonal ball from Fleck enters the box McBurnie tries to force his way to the ball but is held back by Ogbonna and the pass bounces safely through the West Ham penalty area

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Sheffield United v West Ham

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