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SHERIDAN Smith’s new BBC show was slammed by the RSPCA last night on allegations of dog cruelty

Pooch Perfect makes its debut tonight and sees 16 professional dog groomers compete against each other over eight weeks to be named best in their field in the UK

A trailer for the show, hosted by dog ​​lover Sheridan, revealed a dog with light blue ears after its fur was dyed by a groomer

But the RSPCA blasted the program, saying it was sending “a worrying message” and treating dogs as “fashion accessories”

Dr Samantha Gaines told Mirror Online, “We don’t believe animals should be painted or colored for cosmetic reasons

“Our pets are intelligent and sentient When we treat them in this way, a worrying message is sent that they are ours to objectify and treat as fashion accessories or toys ”

When the BBC hit back, it defended the new series, insisting that “the care and wellbeing of dogs is of the utmost importance”

A spokesperson said, “On set we had an RSPCA-approved animal welfare advisor, a grooming advisor, and a veterinarian to ensure we were taking every precaution to keep the dogs safe and healthy

“Each owner was asked if they were pleased that their dogs were a temporary color

Actress and TV presenter Sheridan said the dog groomers are “really serious” about the competition, adding that it is about “making a living”

“You really love dogs, and you see how compassionate they are to them on the show, they do a job they love, and they are brilliant at it,” she said

“They really are the best in the country, many know each other from the racetrack, it’s a tough old game

“You also don’t know what some of the challenges will be, so go blind I am there for moral support, but the judges are very strict “

Sheridan has six dogs and a number of donkeys in her home and she said she was warned not to add to her dog collection while she was hosting her new show

“I already have six dogs and was warned not to bring any dogs home from filming before we started,” said 39-year-old Smith

“There have been many times that I’ve wanted to, but I promised my mother I wouldn’t have any more cattle because I have donkeys too

“The donkeys live in the field at the end of my garden, they are beautiful. They are similar to dogs in that they are loving, loyal and know their owner

“Donkeys are always two, you rarely see a donkey alone, so we have two sisters and a couple, they always stay together. I think it’s so cute and romantic”

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Sheridan Smith

World News – UK – Sheridan Smith’s new BBC show has been slammed by the RSPCA on allegations of dog cruelty