shoppers were in Meadowhall this morning with queues in place from the wee hours of the morning to get their hands on the best Boxing Day bargains

Boxing Day is known for its huge sales and discounts, and this year, despite the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s no different

Bargain hunters in levels 1, 2 and 3, where unneeded stores are open, queued from the early hours of the morning to get their hands on the best Boxing Day bargains

Lush is a shop that always gets attention on Boxing Day as there is only one sale there a year.The cosmetics brand offers an annual sale of all vacation products at half price while supplies last

Every year, avid shoppers head to Lush to get their hands on the heavily discounted merchandise, and this year is no different despite the threat of a new strain of coronavirus

Luscious Meadowhall customers stood in line for up to an hour to get into the store Only a small number of customers are allowed in the store at a time to allow social distancing

Some customers were even turned away and asked to come back later as a lot of people were trying to get into the store

A shopper queuing this morning said the system was poorly organized by security. She said, “I was in line for Lush this morning, I was going to do my store online but Lush did decided not to sell online which seems a little crazy given the pandemic

“The shop only offers space for approx 8 people to queue up normally, and security has tried to get everyone else ahead

“Everyone was standing (socially distant) near the store, waiting for it to open as there was no place to really queue up like Boxing Day is usually due to Covid and the one-way system is which means that a snake would block the way

“Just before it opened, security decided to open a side corridor and keep everyone waiting, but with so many people waiting they stopped people and told them to come back in an hour”

She added, “I heard some say they got to Meadowhall at 7 or 8 in the morning and because there was no line until just before the store opened, they were closer to the end of the line” on Boxing Day it’s always crazy outside what to expect as it’s the only sale of the year but this year was just so disorganized for safety reasons! “

Abundant, Abundant Sale

World News – UK – Shoppers turned their backs on “crazy” queues from Lush in Meadowhall on Boxing Day