Welsh ministers will discuss easing some restrictions on coronavirus lockdowns in non-essential retail in the coming weeks, said Mark Drakeford

The first minister said hairdressers might be able to work as early as 15 March would be back in stores but warned that easing would be gradual

“I don’t think it will be a full reopening We will do things as Sage and the WHO recommend – carefully, step by step, always assessing the impact of any actions we have taken, “he told BBC Breakfast
He added, “I’m going to have some discussion with non-essential retail today to see how we can start reopening non-essential retail

“If it is possible from the 15th To begin March with reopening some aspects of non-essential retail and personal services like hairdressing, then of course we’d like to

“But, as I said, it will be careful step by step, always ensuring that we carefully monitor the effects of any lifting of restrictions on the spread of the virus”

He said the decentralized government would also work with tourism companies to consider easing the rules around Easter

In addition, all primary school children in Wales will return to teaching in person from mid-March, provided the coronavirus situation in the country “continues to improve” and Covid-19 cases are at their lowest level since September Mr Drakeford said the youngest will return on Monday next week

Some secondary school and university students may be able to start at age 15 Return to class in March

Wales, like the rest of the UK, is currently under a home stay arrangement that is to remain in place for the next three weeks

Boris Johnson faces a tug-of-war between academics and some Conservative MPs over when and how to reset lockdown rules in England

Right-wing Tories claim there will be no justification for “unnecessary restrictions” after vaccinating over-50s in April, although new variants of Covid-19 may continue to spread among young people who may be affected by ” long Covid “

The Prime Minister has promised that his roadmap, which will be launched on Jan. February should be released, “cautious but irreversible” will be He plans to open schools on Aug. Reopening in March, saying pubs and restaurants will likely be the last businesses to emerge from the lockdown

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the easing will be gradually eased She will reveal her plans next week.The lockdown of Northern Ireland has been in effect until Nov. April extended, but elementary school-age children are accepted from the 8th March back to school

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Wales Lockdown

World News – UK – Shops and hairdressers in Wales could open by mid-March, Drakeford says

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