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Mom of three, Stacey Solomon is known for her brilliant tips and tricks for keeping her home organized and messy

Stacey is inspired by Ms. Hinch and can often be found on Instagram, where she shares her clever ideas for a sparkling home without having to spend too much money

Her latest tip is no exception as it has revealed how a simple £ 15 IKEA item can be the answer to many parents’ dreams

The 31-year-old bought her breadboard at IKEA, but they can often be found in pound stores

She shared her step-by-step process on Instagram – and the project is very simple, says Der Spiegel

She said, “The nap time has really started, so I’m going to put Pickle in his crib and sort the TV cabinet”

A series of clips showed her untangling wires and sorting out various consoles for her sons

She continued, “Oh, it actually fits”I grabbed another breadboard in the hopes it would fit in this closet (should have measured it)

“???? This one is from Ikea but I saw them in the pound store, Wilko’s, EVERYWHERE, and you can choose different attachments for whatever you useâ ????

The mother of three echoed the thoughts of parents around the country as she talked about limiting her boys’ time in the closet

And she showed her impressive work – with an invitation to her followers, ‘Tap to Tidy’ ”

â ???? That’s closet porn for me. I’m glad the boys are only allowed to play on weekends because I only have to clean it up twice a month added the star

Stacey Solomon

World News – UK – Stacey Solomon kills fans with a £ 15 IKEA item that will clean up the mess in seconds