A Teacher is a popular series that made its way from the US around the world and is set to arrive in the UK on May 3 The January miniseries airs on BBC Two, with the first two episodes airing in a row starting at 10 p.m. ExpresscoThe UK has everything you need to know about who’s in the cast of A Teacher

Claire Wilson is a married English teacher who starts an affair with student Eric The series explores the consequences of their relationship

As a new teacher at a Texas high school, she has become very popular as the newest topic of gossip

Despite having a successful fresh start, she is unhappy in her marriage and befriends one of her students, but the relationship escalates out of control

Her character is played by Kate Mara, a 37-year-old American actress best known for her roles on House of Cards, American Horror Story: Murder House, and 24

The mother of one child has been married to English actor Jamie Bell since 2017, who played Billy Elliot in the legendary ballet film

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Eric Walker is one of the school’s senior students who is the captain of the school’s soccer team

After recently breaking up with his girlfriend, he and Claire can confide in each other and they both have something in common

His character is played by Nick Robinson – a 25-year-old American actor best known for his roles in Love, Simon and Melissa & Joey

The star is on Instagram and fans have praised him for his role in A Teacher One said, “I’m so proud of you !!! I finished the first three episodes and it’s disturbingly good that I can’t wait”see the rest”

Matt is Claire’s husband, known for his creativity and charm, but it’s not enough to please Claire

His character is played by Ashley Zukerman – an Australian-American actor who previously starred in Manhatten and The Code

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Logan is one of Eric’s closest friends and he is the younger brother of Cody (Cameron Moulène) – a brother in school

Logan confides in Eric his own relationship troubles, but Eric is distracted by the thought of Claire

His character is played by Shane Harper – a 27-year-old American actor, singer, and dancer best known for his role in Good Luck Charlie

He began his acting and dancer career at the age of nine, after joining the world of community theater

The star is on Instagram and has posted updates on his music career after just releasing an EP

Kathryn is a French teacher at the school who will become Claire’s close friend when she takes on her new role

Claire ends up revealing a little too much about her secret to Kathryn, and fans have to wait and see how this affects their friendship

Her character is played by Marielle Scott, an actress best known for her role as Lucy on the Netflix hit You

The main cast also consists of Dylan Schmid, who plays Eric’s boyfriend Josh Smith, Adam David Thompson as Claire’s brother Nate Wilson, and Jana Peck as the mother of two students, Victoria Davis

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