This UK interactive tool gives you an idea of ​​when to be called to get the Covid vaccine – based on the latest information data

As the UK moves out of lockdown onto the ‘roadmap’, coronavirus vaccinations play an important role in government decision-making

When will you get your first dose of the Covid vaccine? Below is a handy Covid Vaccine Queue Calculator that will give you an idea of ​​when you will be called based on the latest data

All 15 million people in the UK in the top four priority groups – including all those over 70 – are expected to be in the UK by April 22nd February received their first dose

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says one in three adults in the UK has now received a coronavirus vaccine and the government is confident it has the supplies to meet the Jan. July and vaccinate all adults over 50 and higher risk groups by 15 April

To see when to expect yours, select your age and other criteria in the following tool:

Sophy Ridge of Hancock Sky on Sunday: “While the vaccination program is clearly going very well, it will be some time before all people with significant vulnerabilities can be reached, especially as we have to give everyone the second trick””

Lead epidemiologist Professor John Edmunds, a member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (Sage), told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show that vaccinating all adults by the end of July will make a “big difference” and will make the difference Restrictions would quickly put the NHS back under pressure

“If we slacked off very quickly now, we would get another surge in hospital stays, so we have to let up very gradually”Otherwise we will put pressure on the health service again and the number of hospitalizations and deaths will increase,” he said

In the meantime, under new guidelines, people with HIV can get a coronavirus vaccine without reporting their status to a family doctor

It is believed that one in five people infected with HIV does not share their condition with their primary care practitioner due to persistent stigma, which means that they will not be considered eligible and will be invited for the vaccine when it is their turn

Those who fall into that category can now have a stitch arranged by a local HIV clinic, said NHS England

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Anyone who lives with HIV in all stages of infection will be offered a sting in the next wave of vaccinations due to the associated risk of immunosuppression

Dr Michael Brady, NHS England National Adviser on LGBT Health and HIV and Sexual Health Adviser, said: “I encourage everyone living with HIV to see a GP and make them aware of their HIV diagnosis so that they can Get the best possible health care and access to the life-saving Covid vaccine

“For those who are reluctant to do this, local HIV clinics can now arrange a vaccine through an alternative route, e.g. B. via a local hospital center “

HIV Charity The Terence Higgins Trust hailed the “good news” as the “right decision” by the NHS

Ian Green, executive director of the trust, said: “We are working towards a society where everyone living with HIV is comfortable, sharing their status with their doctor and other health professionals, but we are still not there and welcome this quick, pragmatic action

“Some may be surprised to hear that a significant number of people living with HIV feel unable to speak to their GP about their HIV status However, this underscores how much stigma still surrounds the virus in 2021

“We also know from talking to people living with HIV that health care is one of the areas where HIV-related stigma, discrimination and unnecessary extra precautionary measures are still emerging that we are working with the NHS to address”

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