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A football fan once dubbed Britain’s fattest man has died after a suspected heart attack, his family announced today

Barry Austin, 52, won the title when he weighed 65 stones, but had become bedridden and tried to lose weight for health reasons in recent years

The ex-cab driver from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, had Christmas dinner in bed while his family partied at the table in his house

Ms. Debbie, 50, cooked turkey for the family on Christmas Eve and his family got the popular vouchers for dad and grandpa for Xbox games

But he was hospitalized after falling on the Birmingham property this week, and sadly died on Jan. January

Relative Kirsty Steer, married to Barry’s stepson Marcus Kirby, told The Sun: “It was such a shock and all of a sudden

“He was a lovely guy, talkative and funny, and loved by everyone. He had a heart attack and had fallen too

“He was fine a few days earlier. He was reasonably healthy and in a good mood

Debbie was too upset to talk last night, but her devastated daughter Danielle told The Sun that her father “struggled with his legs” after losing a lot of weight

She said, “We don’t know what he weighed because he hadn’t come on the scales for years. Because of the weight loss, he struggled with his legs and it challenged his body

Once he used up to 29000 calories per day and drank up to 12 liters of carbonated drink in one day that swelled to 65 stones

Lifelong Birmingham City fan Barry later lost 20 stones after health problems and reduced his daily caloric intake to 1500

Previously, a heartbroken Danielle posted on Facebook, “Absolutely heartbroken, the only word I can say is how I am feeling right now

“You were the father who was always there, no matter what. We had our ups and downs, but can honestly say that I never loved you any other

“Seeing my mother for who she is – terrible The whole family just collapsed”

Barry, who drank up to 40 pints of beer and bottles of liquor in one evening, was known as’ Fat Baz ‘and had his own column in a boys’ magazine

He is said to have dropped 20 stones in April 2012 while preparing to marry his then-funded Debbie Kirby, 50, from Solihull, West Midlands

A Birmingham City spokesperson tweeted: “We are saddened to hear the death of lifelong bluenose Barry Austin

One City fan wrote, “RIP big Barry AustinSad news to kick off the year KRO boy, fly high”

Wolves’ fan twitter page The Wolf Pack greeted him as “a wonderful man with a heart of gold”

In 2012, Barry went down on one knee to propose to his fiancée Debbie: “I will feel like the happiest man in the world to call Debbie my wife”

Debbie said, “Barry is still a big boy – but it depends on what’s inside. It’s all about personality for me”

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Barry Austin

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