Worst hangover ever? Cuoco convinces as a woman on the fringes of this dark comic crime novel

How’s that for Hangxiety? In the opening episode of The Flight Attendant, Cassie Bowden (played by Kaley Cuoco) wakes up in a hotel room in Bangkok next to the bloody corpse of a man – with exactly zero memory of what happened the night before

The man is (was?) Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), the charming first class passenger she got along with on her last long haul flight Is in a state of semi-drunkenness powered by a steady stream of those airline-friendly mini vodka bottles, but it’s usually more of a “public nudity that keeps screaming The subway is drunk,” as she later says >

Panic sets in and she sets off on an arbitrary clean-up operation, which of course seems deeply suspicious to any sober outside observer.She manically washes blood from the floor of the hotel room, calls her best friend in the US with a series of semi-coherent, half-hysterical questions about the Amanda Knox case and leaves the scene with an old scarf wrapped around her head (“Why do you look like Norma Desmond?” asks her colleague Megan, played by an angry Rosie Perez)

As soon as she lands on US soil, she and the rest of the flight crew will be met by two FBI agents who are anxious to uncover any interactions with the now-deceased passenger 3C jet lag, the hangover from hell and PTSD a strong cocktail that fuels even more bad decisions: Cassie, convinced she is now a prime suspect, launches her own slapdash investigation, hoping to fill in the blanks that night in Bangkok and clear her name in the process

Are you already exhausted? The Flight Attendant, which debuted in the US last winter on HBO Max, is racing at a breakneck pace and often unfolds into a series of split comic book-style screenshots.It’s a fear-inducing thriller with the kind of snappy, knowing dialogue that would be spot on in a millennial sitcom, but – wait, don’t go! – is much more appealing than it sounds.It’s a relentlessly lofty concept, high camp (Voulez Vous by Abba plays a prominent role in a montage sequence), in which the victim keeps in Cassie’s head for a series of explanatory tête-à-têtes Bringing to Life Think of this as the shiny cousin of fellow HBO Search Party, the pick-up comedy mystery of a group of self-lost twenty trying to solve a missing person case

Those quick transitions from genre to genre can be a bit turbulent, and the hyper-stylized, confident feeling won’t be to everyone’s taste, though I loved Bravo, which, like the interview scene from the first episode, thrives when the camera pans outside in the interview room opens behind a curtain sit a crawling Cassie and hallucination-Sokolov, who are back in the Thai hotel room watching the FBI agents who are watching them – a clever way to capture their breakup

Most impressive, however, is Cuoco’s performance after spending 12 series with the cute girl Penny for The Big Bang Theory, a role that apparently was mostly about, “Huh?” To say, when men in knitted vests raved about string theory and Schrödinger’s cat, this is their production company’s first live-action project.She chose the Chris Bohjalian novel, which the series is based on, as a potential star vehicle in 2017 (“Das first thing I asked was whether Reese Witherspoon got the rights to this book? ”she said in an interview) and navigates the tone of the show changes effortlessly

All those years of sitcom work mean she’s especially good at physical comedy and can handle the bouncing dialogue like an old Hollywood screwball queen, but she’s just as compelling in Cassie’s darker moments when she does from “fun in a kind of sisterhood” deviates from “, as one character describes it, to a fear-ridden, paranoid woman who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and will be back in no time at all

As she begins to unravel, Cassie spends more and more time imagining conversations with Sokolov

Cassie may be a hot, zero judgment mess, but Cuoco’s performance makes it impossible to look the other way even as she rushes into a high-stakes conspiracy in your scenes with girls alum Zosia Mamet, who plays Cassie’s grounded best friend Annie a pleasure Both actresses throw razor-sharp lines back and forth, and their jaded vocal fries only add to the “I was so crazy I went back to bed with a dead man!” Cassie complains just for Annie to tell her in a flowing Insta quote, “It’s one thing that happened that doesn’t define you”

Prestige TV has begun to take itself ponderously seriously, but The Flight Attendant does just the opposite, and makes it all the more fun that expertly swaying between black comedy and pulpy thriller is a hell of a ride – buckle up and say thank you the television gods that Cuoco and Co are already cooking a second series

The flight attendant is on 19 March at 9 p.m. on Sky One and NOW All episodes can be streamed online

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