Only time will tell if Harry and Meghan chose the right path – but it is clear that the monarchy and Britain will be poorer for them not to realize their potential to bring the monarchy into their 21st century Century to draw

As such a historic and eventful chapter closes the history of the monarchy, many tonight will sit back and wonder how it came about

And maybe as the sun sets on the Hollywood Hills, Harry and Meghan have reason to wonder if there was something else they could have done

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they continue to be called, left as they entered – groundbreaking, but this time for very different reasons

The excitement and energy they once offered has been replaced, in the Queen’s own words, with sadness – not just her, but the whole family they left behind

Harry and Meghan began their royal lives together with an abundance of positivity and contagious excitement

The possibilities that lay before them, and indeed the family, so often criticized for being out of touch in a modern world, were endless

Make no mistake, both the monarchy and Britain will be poorer if they fail to achieve their potential in different circumstances

But when the monarch marked the end of her association with The Firm with today’s announcement that she had stripped her, albeit with a heavy heart, of her honorary titles and patronage, the Sussexes tried to have the last word again through an issue an amazing rebuke saying, “We Can All Live a Life of Service Service is Universal”

It was clear from the offset that Harry and Meghan wanted to go their own way

They made a somewhat honorable decision not to seek public funds while seeking their “financial freedom” and also wanted to try to “continue to represent and support Her Majesty the Queen”

As many well-placed insiders have told me, there was an appetite to work with the Sussexes to help Harry develop a new role for himself and his family while escaping the glamor of the royal bubble that he was so often rallied against

In the early days, the family rightly backed his furious reprimand from sections of the press responsible for exposing his new girlfriend to a “wave of abuse and harassment,” including, in his own words, the “racist undertones of comments “; and the utter sexism and racism of social media trolls and comments on web articles “

Prince Charles was incredibly in love with his new daughter-in-law and reportedly affectionately called her “Wolfram,” the name of a metal known for its immense strength

But shortly after their lavish wedding in 2018, which caused such a global spectacle, the pressure on their couple began to show

Privately, they were dissatisfied with the attention paid to the decision to renovate their new Frogmore Cottage home in the shadow of Windsor Castle for £ 2 million worth of taxes

Meghan is also believed to have been troubled by palace officials’ lack of immediacy in considering any of their ideas after announcing she was “taking the first steps” and moving the monarchy into the 21st century Century to draw

Harry, long the most beloved member of the royal family, celebrated war hero, and all-round great guy, grew tired and increasingly despicable at every public event he attended

His new lively, successful, and root-cause partner, who knew the power of celebrity and the dangers of attentiveness, must have suddenly thought, “That’s not all that matters”

Their last great royal trip to southern Africa was torpedoed by the decision to work with a documentary crew and reveal their misfortunes instead of discussing their problems with the family behind closed doors, and from then on the scene was set

Weeks later, after submitting their announcement, they decided to move to Canada and then America – in the form of an Instagram post to their 11 million followers, before telling the Queen

Perhaps this is the moment when both parties have truly realized that there will only be one outcome for all concerned

There are many moments in life with sliding doors, only time will tell if Harry and Meghan chose the right one

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