And now records reveal his will that his fortune go to his beloved wife Jennie, 60, as reported from London ??? Estate Office

Years earlier, Gary made sure his will would give Jennie his cars and various other personal items, the Daily Star reports

The couple met in 1976 when Gary moved to Kent and enrolled at Catering College in Thanet

Thirteen years later, the amorous duo married and had two sons – 32-year-old Sam and 30-year-old George

Gary was a hugely popular television chef, known for his signature spiky hair, who appeared on various cooking shows

The emerging talent got his first head chef job at the Castle Hotel in Somerset, where he developed the passion for British food that shaped the course of his career, earning his first Michelin star at just 26 years old

The late star appeared on Rhodes Around Britain and Hell’s Kitchen, and also competed in the MasterChef competition

Gary was also a participant in the BBC Strictly Come Dancing

ballroom dancing competition in 2008

Chef Gary Rhodes

World News – GB – The spiky-haired television chef has left millions to his family