The race to vaccinate and contain the spread of Covid-19 is in full swing with Israel, the early international pacemaker, rolling out the thrusts The Our World in Data website has been following developments and Israel has 15 carried out 79 vaccinations per 100 of its citizens on 04 January 2021 ahead of the 8 UAE35 The United States is currently in fourth place, and a Bloomberg analysis provides more detail on the pace of vaccination campaigns at the state level since the U.S. began its efforts on Jan. December 505 million doses were given – 15 per 100 population

The number of doses administered is well below the 20 million target set by officials by the end of December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last Thursday that a total of 17 million doses had been shipped to states , and although they recognized that the rollout was proving to be slower than expected, they were unable to explain the reasons for this. What is certain is that some states got their programs up and running faster than others, as shown in the map below of vaccinations per 100 inhabitants up to 06 January shows

Each state has been granted a vaccine allocation that is roughly proportional to its population The data shows that South Dakota and West Virginia have given the most doses per capita, with both rates being higher than 3 puffs per 100 of their residents, followed by North Dakota, Maine, Alaska, and Vermont with rates above 25 doses per 100 currently having Georgia , Alabama, Mississippi, and Kansas proved to be the slowest states in terms of effort January a rate of less than one dose per 100 population

I’m a Statista data journalist who covers technological, social and media issues through visual representation. In fact, I love to write about all trending topics,

I am a Statista data journalist who deals with technological, social and media topics through visual representation. In fact, I love to write about all trending topics and to illustrate patterns and trends quickly, clearly and meaningfully. Our work at Statista has been featured in publications such as Mashable, presented to the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider


World News – UK – The States That Lead America’s Vaccination Race [Infographic]