Tom Jones has commented on feeling guilty in his role as a judge on The Voice and why he kicked himself after looking back on episodes of the last series

The It’s Not Unusual singer admitted he felt he had made a huge mistake by not picking a specific candidate in the first episode, and even yelled at himself for pushing the button when he did watched it back

When asked if he felt bad after seeing the rejected candidates on the show’s first episode, he said, “Yes the guy was so good too, i said so, he didn’t do anything wrong it’s just something to exaggerate. I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t heard

“But if we listen to it again we will only get one try! You hear it once and there is no time to check it out You can’t think, ‘Let me think about it’, you either do it or they’re gone and that’s exactly what happened when I saw this singer just listening to him sing and thinking, ‘Why the hell didn’t you hit the button pressed? ‘ And I shouted, ‘Push the button you’re wearing!’ “

During the Q&A, he addressed his fellow judges and added, “We should have turned for him. I just don’t get it. That’s why I called [during the episode] Push the button! It was a mistake He had the whole package “

When talking about what kind of singers he is usually looking for on the show, he added, “I tend to be a solid singer but I tend to do that but not always sometimes I hear a cute voice that isn’t great So there are all kinds, but it has to hit me. It has to look real “

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Tom Jones

World News – UK – The Voice’s Tom Jones reveals why he feels guilty as a judge