Here’s everything you need to know about World Book Day 2021, including this year’s theme and date

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World Book Day is an annual event that celebrates everything related to books and reading He is known for his elaborate and competitive costumes

The event always takes place on the first Thursday in March This year the Unesco-led event will take place on Thursday 4th March, takes place and aims to promote the love of reading in children and adolescents

The charity confirmed that despite the current coronavirus pandemic, the event will happen this year, although things may feel a little different this year, there are still tons of ways to host the occasion both at school and at Mark home

The organization for World Book Day will work again this year with schools and kindergartens to distribute the 1 pound tokens with a new digital one-way version that has been adapted to the current situation

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This year’s World Book Day falls on Thursday the 4th March, and takes place every year on 1 March instead of

This year is the 24th Year in which the event was held and is recognized in over 100 countries worldwide

The mission of the World Book Day Organization is to promote reading for enjoyment and to give every child and young person the opportunity to have their own book

The day is a celebration for all books, including the writers, illustrators, and the children who read them

Children of all ages come together to celebrate reading and dress up as their favorite literary character on the day

The aim of the event is to encourage more children to discover the joys of books and reading by giving them the opportunity to have their own book

The charity is partnering with National Book Tokens Ltd to offer children a staggering £ 15 million 1 book token nationally (one for almost every child under 18 in the country)

World Book Day will continue to work with schools and kindergartens to distribute the £ 1 book stamps Printed stamps will continue to be provided to children in a school or kindergarten

A new digital single-use version that can be printed at home or shown to booksellers on a phone or tablet screen is available for home users

The token will also be on display in McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes and in some children’s magazines through February and March

World Book Day is notorious for the elaborate and creative costumes However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, things are looking a little different this year

However, there are still many ways to celebrate World Book Day at home or at school

As always, books are on sale again for just £ 1 via book tokens and can be used to purchase any of the exclusive books on offer under the program or to purchase a book or audiobook at full price that is £ 2 costs 99 or more

Children are also encouraged to share their stories with one another, and prizes are offered for the best

For a full list of free resources, visit our families and schools hubs, including audiobooks, activity sheets, discussion guides and brand new educational videos from the Author Academy with our writers and illustrators worth £ 1

Company bosses are also encouraged to allow their employees to Go home early March so they can share stories with their children

World Book Day 2021

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