Southampton gets the spotlight as we wrap up our team-by-team look at the clubs with two games in Double Gameweek 25

After a strong start to the season, the Saints fell completely off a cliff, losing their last six games and conceding 20 goals

As a result, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers choose not to play on Saints Assets even for two games in Double Gameweek 25

So is there any evidence that Southampton might change it in Double Gameweek 25? We rate their FPL credentials in the Premium Members article below

After starting the season in good shape, the Saints hit the runners after a series of injuries to key personnel, particularly in defense

After beating champions Liverpool, the Saints have lost their last six games by a total of 20-4

What was once one of the league’s most solid defenses is now the worst after the expected goals conceded (xGC) in the last six games

In the South Coast Club’s last game against the Wolves, they probably made their first choice and still conceded two goals against one of the league’s most scoring attacks

So can we rely on Southampton’s assets in Double Gameweek 25? To answer this question in more detail, we need to consider their upcoming opponents and the data behind their main players …

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I still have WC, TC and FHI wanted to go to the World Cup this week, but with fixtures yet to be confirmed I can wait until next weekMartinezLowton Cancelo DiasSalah Bruno’s son Gundo RaphinhaBamford AntonioPope DCL Digne Coufal14ITB 0FT Dallas? Given injuries to Antonio, DCLWC? Or g2g?

Kane plays for a better team, has Son as his wingman, has a better doubles, probably has a game in 29 and is just a better player

Crazy to think about Kane? Fancy him after having his gammy hip fixed and Leicester looking tough? Anyone else?

He could keep up with Kane But I wouldn’t give Vardy the TC, I would give it to Kane so if you want to use the TC in GW 26, Kane is better IMO

Not crazy, but crowned He could do it really well. What I prefer about Kane is the fact that Kane has even more doubles and I prefer not to swap too many players in / out

Yes, that’s my problem too I have my free hit but no placeholder, so Kane gives me this potential additional option in 29 additional games – on the other hand, vardy fixtures are good in the long run

Throw 100% up to what you enjoy doing, check out the long term games and see if at some point you happily swap him for Kane, for your information, many save FH because I think GW33 if TOT / MCI both are empty as most of the 4-6 players from these teams will have together

Vardy might as well be Kane. Both are key figures in their respective cadres and will be punished. Also, they both have good fixtures. To me, it’s a coin toss

He’s one of my options – especially since I already have a son you’d hope to get back to some form with Kane

Every time I trust Vardy he lets me down I think Kane is the more obvious choice that can earn points

I get bothWas been there when both were injured, now it’s back on

I have no clue Check the Scout Tweets for the latest information on him, but even that doesn’t make it clear

What would be an ideal World Cup squad to be good enough for both GW25 and a BB in GW26, considering Ben Fellin’s schedule is correct? How many (and which) Leeds players would be enough for this GW and then? for BB in GW 26? Who would be “must-haves”?

Lots of them are posted here regularly – just read the last few pages back Leeds – 2 is enough when on a toilet imo

Cheeky RP, if I may, whether I’m sure or whether I want to deliver to Ings ?! A) Throw 1FT to GW26 and then: 1 Antonio, Pope> Kane, Lining (2FT) 2 Antonio, Son> Kane, Barnes / Maddison (2FT) 3 Antonio, DCL> Vardy, Watkins (2FT) B) Antonio> Ings these Week free and then one of the above in GW26 for -41FT 34itbPopeDias, Dallas, ShawSalah, Bruno, Sohn, Gundogan, RaphinhaBamford (C), DCL (Martinez) (Stones, Antonio, Coufal) planning TC in 26 and WC in 30 ProbProst !

Probably Kane or Son (if I don’t get Kane) but I can get some rest! What do you think my options are mate?

You trust Ings to deliver despite the lack of service the team seems to provide?

Who do you put in B? DCL? In principle I would choose an A option if there is the possibility of triple DGWs for Southampton, which are not a bad team at all. Medium-term fixtures also look delicious

Yes, if I had Ings I would have to put DCL on the bench I get it wrong – you basically said you would choose an A option but then said the possibility of SOU triple DGWs which are yummy – what would mean a B option!

Whoops – misread if it’s free. Although the peat festival in the derby cannot be exactly ruled out given the current form of this defense

I’m in exactly the same situation as you, but I think my life is made easier by not having the resources to do Antonio> Ings this week

B Especially if your main guardian is Martinez. There is some kind of rotating post 31 with areola at the Liverpool City United Chelsea games,

Which option is suitable for the next 3 weeks? 1 BHA Defender 2 SOU Defenders (assuming they have 2 or 3 DGWs)

I’m tempted to stab on Vestegaard Her second games in doubles seem tough but her first ones look fine (Eve 26 and Shu 27) He is a set piece threat with JWP delivery

Who are the best GW26 defenders when the doubles are as expected? Currently at Dias, Cancelo, Shaw, Dallas I wonder who I should finish last seat with and was a bit put off by Rüdiger

Games are announced at 4 p.m., Kremlin says I don’t know the fascination of 4 a.m. FPL opens at 4 a.m. and games are released at 4 p.m.

do you know? The Spreadsheet Guy on Twitter The one who single-handedly made this mess better than all the Boy Scouts put together The one FFS wishes they could keep them busy, but they want more than a free membership and a Sports Direct Ben Kremlin mug >

At 4:05 a.m. we will all be sitting here as if Homer Simpson predicted the rapture that did not happen

Actually, he didn’t say that. He said the last announcements were at 4 p.m. It doesn’t hurt to fake a countdown anyway

Should I make soucek against Raphinha with my 1FT? And Bank Grealish Current team with 1FT and 08m ITB: PopeMee Cancelo DallasSalah Fernandes Grealish GundoganIngs Bamford KaneMartinez; Stones, soucek, coufal

No, let Barnes come for him if he’s not playing I think Gundo is starting or not playing at all

Any thoughts here? Is a World Cup worthwhile for a bank push in DGW 26 or is it worth staying with this team? Martinez Cancelo Dallas Mee Grealish Fernandes Sterling Salah son Bamford Watkins Subs: Button, Dias, Dawson, Brewster

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