Spurs with a dangerous break, they have passed a man’s son trying to play it Hojberg when he might have been able to drive on goal

Alderweireld jumps like a salmon to the header and really makes an excellent contact.Meslier on the Leeds nets manages to get his hands on it but he can’t keep it from going over the line

Hojbjerg tries a quick free kick against Kane, who is immediately fouled. Hojbjerg with another quick shot Ndombele smashes the gate Leed goalkeeper behind, okay, but then he half-spills it and is lucky enough to dribble to a corner

A fight, stop-start from the second period to get a good value from this whistle

Mourinho was out very early in the second half and sat facedown in the dugout despite the goal line, he could feel like Spurs were occasionally overrun

Leeds played really well in patches but it’s Harry and Son’s old Tottenham company The former converted a penny and then preped his buddy for a rapier finish from a direct ball Too much class up front

“This is NOT an example of a tolerant society” People posting abuse on social media is not without victims, it hurts people”” @mrjakehumphrey with a message of support for Karen Carney? Well said! ImageTwittercom / b3NGH5qRq6

Ndombele crosses, Ayling intervenes, but here Davies picks up the ball – crashes, but does not shoot on goal

Ah, Leeds had the better piece, but they have no son and no Kane Lloris with a knocking goal kicks in the middle Spurs win the knockdown ball, good fights from Hojlberg He feeds it to Kane, who ejects right down and incorrigible After Son goes speed on the ball, perfect delivery Son’s run is also from the top drawer and he puts it away with the instinct of a deadly predator No substitute for quality in advance

And that’s again excellent from Leeds, five men step into the Spurs box, which means that Spurs can’t get to the man on the ball, Harrison, who unfortunately shoots over the bar

Bamford made good movement in the box to find space, but Dier got in the way of his shot

Raphinha, the newest man from Leeds to give it away Davies crosses from the left and finds Bergwijn a nice cross, and she deserves it better than that lame shot from Bergers

Klich with a beautiful little shot through, Rodrigo on it and hits the target, but directly on the goal

A good move from Leeds sends Bamford through with a ground pass, but Davies is wide awake when he reacts and clearly hacks

Spurs have a good moment for the secondHojbjerg, with a good job to play it, Alderweireld hits it on goal but that’s charged The rebound finds its way to Kane, H but the big striker has his radar for once lost and rolls a try far

Harry Kane drills that in the middle of the gate and that’s one zero 205 goals for Spurs

Leeds is there in the back, Bergwijn has it on the edge of the area Looks like it’s on the line of the box when Alioski’s desperate lunge comes in, a clear foul for me and just the debate about whether it’s in or out

It’s a busy game, lots of commitment and energy, especially from Leeds, but it hasn’t resulted in many scoring opportunities so far

Leeds are flooding forward again, they managed to get two players on Toby Ald in the Spurs Box It’s Bamford standing up for the header but he’s got a little behind him A good moment for Leeds

Rodrigo shoves Hojbjerg in the back and gives Spurs a free kick at a practical point nothing comes of it immediately, but Spurs hold the ballNdombele runs to defense, she is released at Hojbjerg and he hits the target with his shot from the edge of the box , but it goes straight to the goalkeeper

Hoddle notes that he was looking over at the bank in Leeds, expecting Bielsa to go insane about the bad pass that betrayed possession, but Bielsa was calm This, says Glenn, shows that he is telling the players that it’s okay to take a risk, that it’s okay to make a mistake, that’s how we play

Leeds has a break and numbers on their side too! But Rodrigo’s pass to Bamford is far from perfect and the goal effort is lower again. Easy to collect

Another good attack from Leeds that Harrison was again involved in. His deflected cross is inviting to Klich, but it won’t fall in time

This is another good moment for Leeds Rodrigo sprays it to the left and Alioski makes the overlap, but immediately the ball is crossed dangerously by Harrison for Raphinha, who jumps but doesn’t head

Leeds, which obliges several people to attack, and it is the overlapping left-back Alioski here in the inner left position who hits a shot in the side netting

Leeds want to do something they haven’t done in 19 years: beat Spurs in a league game

Spurs ‘condemn’ trio for violating Covid rules at West Ham United’s Christmas party Manuel Lanzini is also featured in a photo shared on social media https: // tco / fsr1z0cFOl

Ayling must intervene with Ndombele to get through on the edge of the box. Leeds rave about the danger

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Doherty, Alderweireld, Dier, Davies, Winks, Hojbjerg, Bergwijn, Ndombele, Sohn, KaneSubs: Reguilon, Hart, Rodon, Sissoko, Alli, Tanganga, Lucas Moura, Fernandes, Vinicius

Leeds: Meslier, Dallas, Ayling, Struijk, Alioski, Phillips, Raphinha, Rodrigo, Klich, Harrison, BamfordSubs: Poveda-Ocampo, Casilla, Helder Costa, Hernandez, Cresswell, Shackleton, Jenkins, Casey, Huggins

are in a dark red stripe and they are now in a group. The kick-off is now every second

says that everyone at BT offers support to their “always well-researched colleague” Karen Carney and that it is “not cool” and unacceptable for someone to be abused to have an opinion He (rightly in my opinion) calls the abuse it has received “misogynist” and says we should aim for a more tolerant society in 2021

“Terrible, Misogynistic, Abominable Abuse” – Jake Humphrey is currently speaking on the social media horror Karen Carney has been exposed to this week

says gaming is both about fun and winning “Sometimes I would come off the field and groan at Vidic ‘I didn’t touch the ball, that was boring’And he would say,’ Yes, but we won 2-0! “

Part of a good debate between him and Jenas about whether you would play for Bielsa and play football vigorously or win things under Mourinho where you need to join the collective

“The demands that he makes on his teams, physically and mentally, I’ve never seen anything like it”

“I think it’s a little unfair to be critical of the authorities, we are in uncharted waters. Nobody has been here before”

It’s not the Argentine Christmas get-together that blew me away It’s the modern condition of sharing everything on the gram Grass down on So Stupid

Burnley v Fulham canceled. Certainly they can just ditch that as a goalless draw and move on

“I’m not sure he changed the team (based on the naughty Covid news) I think he had a plan for Leeds It could be a back three for Spurs if they’re in position Good to see Winks and Ndombele there They are creative, attacking players “

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Doherty, Alderweireld, Dier, Davies, Winks, Hojbjerg, Bergwijn, Ndombele, Sohn, Kane Subs: Reguilon, Hart, Rodon, Sissoko, Alli, Tanganga, Lucas Moura, Fernandes, Vinicius

Leeds: Meslier, Dallas, Ayling, Struijk, Alioski, Phillips, Raphinha, Rodrigo, Klich, Harrison, Bamford Subs: Poveda-Ocampo, Casilla, Helder Costa, Hernandez, Cresswell, Shackleton, Jenkins, Casey, Huggins

The Tottenham Hotspur trio Erik Lamela, Giovani Lo Celso and Sergio Reguilón as well as Manuel Lanzini from West Ham United held an illegal Christmas party

A photo was posted on social media showing the quartet and some of their friends and family violating coronavirus laws and Premier League rules

Lamela, Lo Celso and Reguilón have all been disciplined by Spurs They said in a statement: “We are extremely disappointed and condemn this picture of some of our players with family and friends together at Christmas, especially as we know the sacrifices everyone across the country has made to stay safe during the festive season to stay

â ???? The rules are clear, there are no exceptions, and we regularly remind all of our players and staff of the latest protocols and their responsibility to set an example. The matter is handled internallyâ ????

A West Ham United spokesman added: “The club has set the highest possible standards in its protocols and actions related to Covid-19 We are therefore disappointed to hear about Manuel Lanzini’s actions”The matter was dealt with internally and Manuel was strongly reminded of his responsibilities”

Telegraph Sport has been told that Lanzini has returned a negative coronavirus test since the photo was taken

and welcome to our Tottenham Hotspur v Leeds United live blog starting at 12 p.m. North London we will have the team news by 11.30 p.m. Hope everyone is well and Happy New Year thanks for reading

So then: Tottenham had postponed their last game against Fulham just three hours before kick-off, of course because of Covid Jose Mourinho was not a happy rabbit.They should have played against Fulham on Wednesday, but were angry that they were no longer up to date He went to Insta to show footage of himself and his players at the Spurs training ground at 2pm and said, “6pm match we still don’t know if we will play best league in the world “Ha Good point well done

Speaking of cancellations, Spurs wanted to play Marine in the FA Cup but that will now be behind closed doors, a devastating blow to the Minnows they appeal the Fulham cancellation means Spurs will have more games to play later and all spent that energy preparing for a game that never happened The only bright spot I think is that it gives Gareth Bale a little more recovery time from an injury

Leeds has become one of the stories of the past few days, with the club taking an exception to comments from Amazon Prime Sports expert Karen Carney and taking the unusual step of tweeting a cell phone clip of them to their nearly a quarter of a million Twitter followers It is literally to be expected that no one in Leeds can predict that this would then lead to many Leeds supporters abusing Carney, some of whom resort to sexist and nasty personal assaults in no way could they have seen Carney coming by now deleted her Twitter account

We will have the team news at 11:30 p.m. for this one like I say it’s on BT Sport but if you don’t have that you can still enjoy all the news, updates, goals and live promotions by watching this Live -Blog follow

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