Boris Johnson is expected to announce on Monday that a new NHS app is needed to enter theaters, cinemas, sports and music events after 21 years in June and that a number of venues will be holding trials

But what is a vaccination certificate and where are tests carried out? Here is everything you need to know

A Covid certification system would allow someone to prove if they had a vaccine, if they had Covid-19 and likely has antibodies, or if they recently had a negative test. They would use an app to check their status upon entering one to confirm controlled area

A paper certificate could also be used as the government has stated that the NHS is working on non-digital forms of the passport

Boris Johnson will be given the green light to reopen England on May 12th April as lockdown restrictions wear off

Cabinet minister Michael Gove has suggested that Britain could take inspiration from a “vaccination pass” system already in place in Israel

In the Sunday Telegraph he wrote, “The Israeli approach involves a smartphone app, and the NHS app could serve a similar purpose here”

More information is expected on Monday when Boris Johnson provides details on a number of attempts

Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden has suggested that vaccination records should not be introduced permanently, but could be a useful short-term tool for the safe reopening of venues

Mr Johnson said a certificate could give companies and customers “maximum confidence” in reopening society

At the international level, some countries are already working on requirements that people have to prove their status before they arrive.The European Union is working on a digital green certificate that shows whether someone has been vaccinated, has a negative test or is Covid -19 has recovered

According to current plans, passes are required to enter theaters, cinemas, and sports and music events

However, they are not currently needed to get into pubs, bars and restaurants, shops, public transport, or other public services

Different approaches to social distancing are to be tried out at nine events across the country this month

At the M&S Bank arena in Liverpool, 300 people will watch the comics Paul Smith, Adam Rowe, Jamie Sutherland and Mick Ferry perform at an event hosted by the Hot Water Comedy Club

Co-founder Binty Blair said, “It won’t quite return to normal, but it’s a step in the right direction”

This will be the largest audience in British football since the first suspension Around 4000 fans watch the FA Cup semi-finals between Leicester City and Southampton at Wembley

Tickets are only issued to local residents, including Brent Council employees, health workers, teachers, and students over the age of 18

The 1000 tickets for the World Snooker Championships at Sheffield’s Crucible Theater are already sold out World Snooker Tour Chairman Barry Hearn said, “This is great news for the players who really missed playing in front of an audience”

Luna Cinema shows open-air films on the Liverpool coast000 movie fans are seen

George Wood, founder of Luna Cinema, said, “After months of watching movies at home, we are all going to be excited about the return of cinema to the big screen”

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire offers three 10 km fun runs with 3000 runners and up to 3 each000 viewers

Around 4000 football fans can watch the Carabao Cup final between Tottenham and Manchester City at Wembley

A negative lateral flow test performed less than 24 hours before is required to participate in the game, followed by a home PCR test

It is unclear whether Man City fans will be allowed to travel to the capital for the game

The ACC venue has hosted three annual Labor Party Conferences and 1000 people who need a cross flow test beforehand will attend a business event at the end of the month

Circus club nights make it possible 3000 revelers to return to the dance floorTicket details have not yet been given

In the FA Cup final, 21000 fans visit Wembley for one of the highlights of the sports calendar

Arsenal took the title last year when the final was played behind closed doors for the first time in its history

However, Liverpool Council says the four trial events in the city will not include vaccine certification

A spokesperson said, “Pilots will investigate how different approaches to social distancing, ventilation, and entry testing protocols can facilitate opening and maximize participation, including the use of cross-flow testing – but there will be no use of these – called “vaccination records” ”

Sports Secretary Nigel Huddleston said the government attempts to return mass events are intended as a “learning experience” to understand how to “manage and mitigate” the risks of coronavirus transmission

“It’s Not All About Certification The previous pilots will almost certainly not include elements of certification, but it will include testing to make sure people are tested before and after the events,” he said

“We’re going to look at mitigation measures, ventilation, disposable systems, sanitation measures, all of these things help make long-term decisions”

More than 70 MPs, including 40 Conservatives and colleagues from the House of Lords, have campaigned against the introduction of vaccination cards in England, claiming they are “divisive and discriminatory”

A pledge signed by former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, as well as other prominent figures such as Conservative former leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, former Shadow Labor Chancellor John McDonnell and former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warns the government from entering the scheme

Labor peer Baroness Chakrabarti, who warns that the use of coronavirus certificates could create a ‘Checkpoint Britain’, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: ‘It is one thing to have a passport to Traveling internationally is a privilege, even a luxury Participation in local community life, however, is a fundamental right ”

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