Ozzy Osbourne has released the new video for his post-Malone collaboration, “It’s a Raid” You can see the animated clip of the couple below

The track was originally featured on Osbourne’s 2020 album “Ordinary Man”, which also featured the two artists’ 2019 collaboration with Travis Scott “Take What You Want”

“I didn’t even know who Post Malone was a few years ago,” Osbourne said in a press release. Since then, we’ve worked together on two studio tracks and performed twice together

“Understandably, COVID-19 made it difficult to make a music video for“ It’s a Raid ”together That’s why we chose this wildly presented animated video for the last single from the album “Ordinary Man “â ????

The animated video for “It’s A Raid,” directed by Tomas Lenert, features comic book versions of Osbourne and Malone driving the streets of LA while the police are chasing them

Osbourne is currently working with Malone contributor Andrew Watt on the sequel to Ordinary Man, adding in the above statement, “[I] can’t wait for everyone to hear my new music”

In an interview about the recording process in December, Watt said of Osbourne: “We talk every day and are working on a second recording”His whole family is the most giving family

“Ozzy was very sick when we started the first album [‘ Ordinary Man ’] recovering from his throat surgery, and that album gave him another life”

Malone was announced this week as the headliner of a special live virtual show taking place to mark Pokémon’s 25th anniversary

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