England entered a new tiered lockdown system after emerging from a national lockdown in early December

Tier 3 restrictions have failed to control coronavirus rates in some of the hardest hit areas, so the government introduced a fourth tier

Originally, London and some parts of the Southeast were in the toughest category, but areas like Cambridgeshire and Sussex joined those areas from Boxing Day

The new Tier 4 rules are more like the restrictions the country faced in March

Residents are not allowed to leave their home or garden or be outside their home unless they have a “reasonable excuse” such as grocery shopping, work (when they cannot work from home), exercise, and medical Reasons

In Tier 4 areas, gyms and swimming pools as well as indoor entertainment facilities such as cinemas and bowling alleys must be closed

Fourth tier residents are not allowed to stay away from home overnight and must work from home when they can

You are also not allowed to leave Tier 4 territories or travel abroad except for limited reasons, including work and education

Weddings, civil partnerships and funerals are permitted with strict attendance restrictions Funerals can be attended by a maximum of 30 people, while up to six people can attend wedding ceremonies

Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies should only take place in “exceptional circumstances”, for example if one of the people getting married is seriously ill and does not expect coverage

People are allowed to meet another person from another household in the open air in a public space in order to play sports or serve important purposes However, indoor socialization is strictly prohibited

Support bubbles and childcare bubbles are exempt from the rules, and there is no limit to the amount of outdoor exercise

Breaking the rules resulted in a fixed penalty of £ 200 for the first offense, which doubled for subsequent offenses, up to a maximum of 6400 GBP

Starting today, new locks are also expected to be introduced in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while the restrictions eased for Christmas Day in Wales will be reintroduced

The whole of mainland Scotland was overthrown with the land under a five-tier system in fourth tier restrictions

The rules are similar to Tier 4 rules in England and prohibit all major retail and indoor contacts

In Northern Ireland, the new measures are the toughest yet A curfew is in effect from 8 p.m., from which point shops are closed and all indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited until 6 a.m.

Non-essential retail stores will close for the next six weeks, as will close-contact services, while hospitality outlets will be limited to take-away services

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