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The vaccine queue calculator claims to predict when we may possibly receive the Covid-19 surge

A NEW online calculator has been launched to let people know when they could be invited to their coronavirus vaccine

The omni calculator tells users how many people in the UK are likely to be in line for the sting in front of them, including when they can expect to be vaccinated

On the 8th December 1st person in the UK and worldwide outside of court hearings received the approved Pfizer Covid-19 shock

The Vaccine Queue Calculator asks a number of questions, such as: B. Your age, whether you work on the front lines and live in a nursing home or work in one

If you are pregnant (or plan to be in the next three months) it is recommended not to have the vaccine right now However, this advice may change as more experimental data become available

Their website states that the results will be worked out based on the government’s nine-point priority list and likely vaccination rate

The tool assumes a million people will be vaccinated each week – the government’s goal

The website points out that its findings are based on the assumption that 70 percent of the UK population will accept the sting “The number of the last year is used for people aged 64 and over who were offered the annual flu vaccine”

The calculator will give you a period of time in which you can expect to be involved in the vaccine

This is usually a pretty rough estimate – maybe around a month – or, as our example below shows, a period of three months or more

The government gives priority to those over 80, nursing home workers and NHS workers

Thousands of people search for the calculator online, even if it only gives a rough idea of ​​vaccination times

According to the Evening Standard, the computer is independent and not affiliated with the NHS or the vaccine rollout program

Omni Calculator Claims To Have “The Most Unique, Weird Calculators On The Internet”

The public can use it to clarify itchy questions about how many years of your life you can save by bringing a bike over a car to their cooking calculators

Visit the Omni website to find out when you are likely to get the bump according to the calculator

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