From the Honoré police station to the “hut” to Catherine’s Bar: This is where Death in Paradise in Guadeloupe was filmed

By Eleanor Bley Griffiths

Thursday 7th January 2021 at 5:35 p.m.

It’s called Death in Paradise for a reason: Saint Marie is a heavenly island of sun, sea, sand, and sunsets In fact, it looks so gorgeous (and so hot!) that it’s hard to see someone get into enough trouble (or energy!) enough to actually murder someone. Would you prefer to relax on the beach?

But before you book a travel agent, Saint Marie doesn’t really exist in real life – the show is filmed in Guadeloupe, where the cast of Death in Paradise and the crew leader for each season, including the tenth episode, shot during the coronavirus became pandemic

Read on for everything you need to know about filming locations for Death in Paradise, from the “cabin” to the police station to the town of Honoré

Death in Paradise takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie in the city of Honoré. This imaginary “pretty island” is said to be about a tenth the size of neighboring Guadeloupe

Saint Marie may be a British overseas territory, but due to the island’s history and location, around 30 percent of the population are French: It was only controlled by Britain in the 1970s. The main religions on the island seem to be Catholicism and Voodoo, what means there are some exciting local festivals held every year

The BBC One drama is filmed in Guadeloupe, a butterfly-shaped collection of islands in the Caribbean that represents the fictional Saint Marie, which is an overseas region in France that declares all of the French-speaking locals to be extras on the show occur Bien Sur!

Filming of Death in Paradise, season 10, took place in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic in the region, according to reports, authorities in the Caribbean island have done everything in their power to ensure the shooting can take place

Executive producer Tim Key said, “They could have said to us,” We don’t want you here this year, “but they didn’t. They wanted us there, and they made it possible for us to get there , they wrote us permissions that covered us in all sorts of cases – because everything was up in the air about quarantine or not. I cannot exaggerate our gratitude to Guadeloupe ”

In Death in Paradise we spend most of our time in the town of Honoré, where DI Neville Parker, played by Ralf Little, is based. Much of the filming takes place in the Deshaies community, which is located in Deshaies, which doubles for the fictional Honoré on the northwest tip of the island of Basse-Terre (the other “wing” of the butterfly is the island of Grande-Terre)

Honoré’s “Farmer’s Market” can be built for filming if necessary, and local locations are often used for key scenes – for example, Death in Paradise’s first detective, Richard Poole (Ben Miller), was killed in the beautiful botanical gardens

The nearby Langley Fort Royal Hotel resort serves as the base during filming for nearly six months of the year, it is home to the Death in Paradise crew as well as guest stars and actors, although some of the lead cast prefer to live in local mansions with their families

Unsurprisingly, the hotel has had many guests, too: murder victims have fallen from comfy balconies, and the beach and bar have appeared in many scenes over the years

The beach hut – complete with a hungry lizard named Harry – has long been on the show.This rickety structure is located on Anse La Perle (or La Perle Beach), one of the most beautiful spots in Guadeloupe with miles of pristine sand and sand Palm trees

The hut is dismantled between filming so that it is not washed away by high tide in the winter months

The production company takes over a church hall in Deshaies to use it as a police station The priest’s office becomes the “incident room”

Detectives often have a drink after work in Catherine’s Bar, where the owner is always on hand with unusual cocktails and life advice. These scenes are filmed on a wooden deck on Deshaies town beach

“It’s a real bar,” said executive producer Tim Key. “It’s busier now than it used to be. Yes, they’re happy!”

“Until you’re actually there and seen it for yourself, you really don’t know,” O’Hanlon said earlier. “The heat and humidity can be overwhelming, especially in the middle of the day:” Nothing really prepares you for it “

“Sometimes people think you’re on vacation because you’re filming in Guadeloupe,” said Tobi Bakare, who plays the cheeky officer JP Hooper. “But filming on the beach is not that easy – just so people know!

“When you’re in bathing suits and sipping a cocktail, being on the beach is just perfect, but when you’re filming it’s very hard, it’s very long, it’s five months away from family and friends. But the Thing is we have so many beautiful beaches and the place is amazing and the crew is like a little family that you can see year after year. It’s long, it’s difficult, but it’s a lot of fun

Not that everything is tough: there is still time for a swim in the pool or some time on the beach Bakare added: “There is so much to do in Guadeloupe, there are waterfalls and volcanoes and all kinds of things to do And on top of that there is a hotel with a bar! With alcohol!

“The rural people are fantastic too, they also employ a lot of Guadeloupeans, locals, so they will have fun or they will be fishing in their past so fishing in the Caribbean with a local who happens to be on the same crew as you , and you think, God, this is fantastic … ‘”

The 10 The season of Death in Paradise will be available on Thursdays from Jan. January 2021 at 9 p.m. You can find out what else is on in our TV guide

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