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JOSS Stone and her boyfriend Cody DaLuz have welcomed their first child, a daughter named Violet Melissa

While she is a British household name, her boyfriend and her child’s father are relatively unknown

Here’s what we know: Cody DaLuz is a 31-year-old American musician who is in the military

Regarding his early life, Cody mentioned earlier that he grew up in his hometown of North Kingstown, Rhode Island

He DaLuz entered as a marine and carries out military contracts, although it is unclear whether he is still registered

In 2019, Cody posted a photo of his military comrades with the caption “Miss this guys #reunion sometime?” uploaded

On 3 November, the day of the presidential election, he posted a red square on his Instagram profile with the heading “Easy election” “

Joss Stone and Cody DaLuz have remained relatively tense about their relationship so far, so it’s unclear when they met or how they met

Although Joss said in a recent interview that she was having a hard time finding “the one” and that an arranged marriage was a serious thought for her before she met Cody because “I couldn’t find a husband”

Cody was born on Jan. Pictured for the first time on Joss’ Instagram 8 August 2020 when the couple had an “accent war” over mashed potatoes

In September the American wrote a sweet homage to Joss from London and wrote: “The hardest and most beautiful, I love every minute with you”

Joss Stone revealed on her podcast that she was expecting a child with Cody DaLuz in October 2020

Joss confirmed that on Friday the 29th January, after a long labor, gave birth to a daughter named Violet Melissa via a caesarean section

The singer said, “She was a closure so I had to have a cesarean section which was delightful I’m tired Cody was amazing, it was totally worth it You had to get her out of the sunroof quick Doctor Lee, we love you! ‘”

The couple shared their newborn baby with the world in a surprise edition of their Cooking With Joss series at home

They went the whole pregnancy without knowing whether their first child would be a boy or a girl

Joss said: “We didn’t know she was a girl until that moment. I wanted a girl, but I didn’t mean to tell anyone – nothing against boys”

Cody said, “I called it from the first ultrasound, we had a feeling She is three days old She is the most beautiful in the world She is my perfect girl I have the two most beautiful girls in the world”

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Brits may need to show a Covid vaccination certificate to go to the pub or restaurant

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