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In Channel 5’s new documentary Rose West: Making a Monster, West’s attorney Leo Goatley argues that the murderess was deeply struck by her terrible childhood, here’s more on her twisted upbringing

Daisy herself was very troubled – she was struggling with depression and had multiple manic episodes

In 1953 she had a nervous breakdown and was taken to a mental health clinic in Bideford where she was treated with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) ECT involves placing electrodes on the skull and applying severe electric shocks

At the beginning of her ECT treatment, Daisy became pregnant with her fifth child, Rosemary, and continued on ECT until Rosemary was born

When Rose was born, she exhibited strange repetitive movements that some have linked to ECT treatment in the womb

He was abusive towards Rose’s mother and siblings during his psychotic episodes and is believed to have sexually abused Rose

Daisy told journalist Howard Sounes: “He was a tyrant, but you got no help at the time. We literally suffered the hell behind those doors”

“She was on a path that would certainly lead to abusive relationships in the future and also encourage abusive relationships”

Rose met Fred West when he was only 15 years old. He already had two daughters who were 12 years older than her

Lately, Daisy has been talking about visiting her daughter in the mid ’70s when she was living with her husband Fred West

“We went there most of the time she had cried but she would never tell us what was going on”

“Her eyes were always red and you could tell she had been crying. Dad always said to me,” I would like to know what’s going on ‘”

“We used to say where is Fred? And every time we asked where Fred is, she said he was working Papa always said to me: ‘He’s not working at this time'”

Rose was reportedly obsessed with her pubescent body and would roam around the family home naked

When Rose was 13, she snuck into the bedroom of her nine-year-old Graham one night and molested him and her youngest brother Gordon

Graham Letts’ son was jailed for 18 years in 2017 after kidnapping and raping a girl

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Rose West

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