Season two of the Deborah Harkness adaptation goes in a few new directions – but they had the author’s blessings, says star Matthew Goode

Thursday 7th January 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

The original Sky drama A Discovery of Witches has brought the successful novels by author Deborah Harkness to the screen The Bad Wolf Studios team works closely with Harkness to tell their story of warring vampires, demons, and demons. Witches come to life

Despite this close relationship, the stars of the series have now revealed that there are some big changes to the text coming for season two – with Harkness happily on board with the changes

“It’s incredibly difficult to customize books, so there will be people who are big fans of the book, who may be like me, where they won’t be disappointed, but say, ‘Why not? ‘Isn’t that in there? “, Said series star Matthew Goode, who plays the vampire Matthew de Clairmont, to RadioTimescom on the set of the second season, when we visited in late 2019

“Of course you have to make these changes, and they can be quite broad at times, but we think we’ve done something so far that will reassure both parties

“It can be difficult to follow this story. So we had to change the order of events. Now we go to my father first and then on to the emperor instead of coming back and then.” do you know ”

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The biggest change, however, comes from the inclusion of a second timeline. As in Harkness’ book Shadow of Night, the story shifts in the second season to the England of the 1590s when Matthew and Diana “go” into the past – but In a change of the text, the second season continues next to Matthew also today’s storylines and Diana’s story

“We have massive modern threads,” Goode said. “In the original – the second book doesn’t go back to modern times. We wanted people to know what’s going on with these characters, too”

Such a change could have been controversial – but it was a simple request for Harkness to say yes. In her eyes, it was just an extension of what she had planned anyway

“There is definitely a contemporary plot in the book,” Harkness told RadioTimescom during a streamed panel discussion for season two. “Those moments are driving us towards the third series, which for me was narrative the purpose

“But there were really touchpoints related to an anomaly where the past suddenly collided with the present

“These were the places where the scriptwriters had a lot more leeway because it wasn’t on the page to explain how we got from place to place”

In other words, season two can fill in the gaps that happened to today’s characters when Matthew and Diana lived in the past, and get them to the point where Harkness revisited them in their third book, The Example plays the fourth episode of the new series entirely in the present and follows Edmund Bluemel’s Marcus, who is facing a new challenge

“Adjusting is always challenging and difficult because you have to stay within the confines of what exists, right?” Harkness told us

“But what was great about the contemporary lines, I hoped, was that it gave them a little more leeway to play with and invent”

“It’s all under the guise of Deb Harkness, which is great,” Teresa Palmer, who plays the witch Diana, told us. “And Deb, she makes suggestions to make sure the world works within [her vision]

“Man, it is absolutely tied to its challenges. But knowing that she is piloting this ship takes the strain off me I think because the fans really look at her to determine how the story goes and what is in and…” what not ”

Overall, it sounds like the new series is adding more to the world created by Harkness – and might even bring some surprises for its most devoted fans

“Assuming we still got from point a to point b to point c, it was not specified how we got there, namely in the covers of Shadow of Night, the second book,” said the author

And we’re sure it will be a huge draw for viewers when A Discovery of Witches turns the time for season two upside down

The original Sky drama A Discovery of Witches January 2021 to Sky One and NOW TV All episodes are available at once Would you like to see something else? Check out our full TV guide

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