The government has been accused of rowing back on promises of a 2 percent pay increase for health workers ahead of the coronavirus pandemic

The Royal College of Nursing – the premier union of nurses – has set up a £ 35 million fund for nurses preparing to strike in protest of a recommended one percent raise while Unite tens of thousands of NHS Workers Represent also warns of industrial action

NHS providers, who represent all NHS trusts, claimed the government had accounted for the larger wage increase for 2021-22 as it also questioned the government’s existence that one percent is all it is considering the current business climate

The UK public is urged to join a slow mass clap

in protest of the government’s proposed wage increase

Unison, the UK’s largest union, said people should be on their doorstep and balcony on Thursday at 8pm to show what they think of the “ridiculous” wage plan

The presenter received the sting at the Violet Melchett Center in Chelsea, southwest London, and even found time to joke It wasn’t that painful working with Good Morning Britain’s co-host Susanna Reid

The government released details of the new “travel declaration” less than 60 hours before an unprecedented exit permit was required from outbound travelers

As of Monday, anyone entering a “port of departure for international travel” in England without a completed form will commit a crime – even if they are legally entitled to travel

The travel declaration represents the latest tightening of the most draconian restrictions on movement ever known in peacetime

Public Health Wales has announced that Wales now has a total of 983419 first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were given, an increase from 16377 compared to the previous day

Rangers fans have broken coronavirus lockdown rules in Scotland by gathering outside Ibrox Stadium to raise torches

Fans were seen crowding around a car that drove into the ground as police tried to hold them back

According to the coronavirus rules, public gatherings are prohibited and a maximum of two people from two households are allowed to meet outdoors

Passengers flying indirectly to Portugal from the UK or Brazil will have to present a negative Covid-19 test carried out 72 hours before departure and quarantined for two weeks from Sunday, the Home Office has announced

The move aims to fill a void that allowed travelers from the UK and Brazil to reach Portugal by stopping in a country that was approved for travel

Ireland is expected to hit the milestone of half a million puffs of coronavirus administered this weekend

In a video posted on Twitter, Mr Martin said he was inspired by recent visits to vaccination centers where thousands of frontline health workers are being vaccinated

He said the government and HSE are doing everything possible to secure supplies and get these vaccines to people as soon as possible

During protests against the treatment of the coronavirus crisis by the Paraguayan government, around 20 people were injured in clashes with the police

Hundreds of rioters, mostly young people, took to the streets of the capital, Asuncion, amid growing outrage that coronavirus infections had hit record highs and hospitals across the South American nation were on the verge of collapse

Protests flood as hundreds of people come to the historic center of the capital to demand the president’s resignation

The European Union will reportedly urge the United States to allow the export of millions of doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine to help bridge the supply shortage

According to the Financial Times, the EU of 27 states also wants Washington to guarantee the free shipping of important vaccine ingredients that are needed for European production

“We trust that we can work with the US to ensure that vaccines manufactured or packaged in the US are fully complied with to meet the contractual obligations of vaccine manufacturers to the EU,” the FT quoted the European Commission as saying

EU countries started vaccinating in late December but are moving far more slowly than other rich nations, including the UK and US

A former Conservative health minister said it was the “wrong time” to restrict pay on NHS workers who “went above and beyond” during the pandemic

As a sign that a conservative rebellion is looming over the government’s 1% salary increase recommendation, MP Dr Dan Poulter called for a rethink on the proposal

Dr Poulter, who has assisted the NHS frontline during the pandemic, said it was “very right” that ministers were paying their attention to repaying the £ 400 billion borrowed during the coronavirus crisis – but it is the “wrong time to make that decision “

A leading doctor has estimated the NHS will need to treat up to a million people for long Covid after the pandemic

The government has been accused of “ripping off” a 2 percent pay rise for NHS workers promised prior to the coronavirus pandemic

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