GAME’s latest PS5 stock sold out within minutes of launch with fans rushing to buy a PlayStation 5 as the demand for water continues

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GAME’s latest inventory of PlayStation 5 consoles has sold out less than an hour after the video game retailer posted a new listing

A new set of consoles released Thursday morning, but they were available almost immediately as the site struggled to meet demand and queued fans with hours of waiting

The noise for a PS5 came within minutes just days after a batch released by Smyths was sold out

PS5StockAlertUK, which is tweeting fans with reorder news, announced Wednesday that an estimated 10000 PS5s from GAME would be released for pre-order

After GAME discontinued its new listing on Thursday, the account added, “If GAME decides to clear the inventory piece by piece, I’ll post the warning message every time they drop,” suggesting it today there may be another opportunity

The Twitter tipster tweeted Tuesday, “There is very much not going live this week with the PS5 The company is still working hard to secure more inventory and will go live next week”

They also have new deliveries on Amazon on Monday, March 15th February, John Lewis on Tuesday 16 February and Argos on 23 and 24 February predicted

GAME informed them, “If you choose our priority insured shipping method (see product page for details), your order will be shipped by April 19th Shipped February, all other orders via shipping methods by 26 February “

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World News – UK – Your next chance to buy a PS5 after new GAME stocks sell out in minutes