Zara McDermott has responded to the backlash she received after posting on Instagram about her weight loss

Yesterday, the Love Island and Made In Chelsea star reported on how she lost three stones in 18 months – after becoming “healthier” and “eating more vegetables” People have since accused her of promoting unhealthy body standards and “gross negligence” to her “young and impressionable audience”

Zara wrote, “I can’t believe how far I’ve come !!! The first picture was of a girl who never exercised and ate what she wanted. She wasn’t unhappy or unsure about her weight, but she knew that she had to start exercising. Eat more fruits and vegetables and make changes to be healthier ”

The post didn’t go down well at all as Zara was forced to respond after finding out it was trending on Twitter because a lot of people were talking about it, people accused her of neglecting their platform in getting them to , hating themselves, promoting unhealthy standards, saying “it doesn’t inspire being sad” adding that it makes them “sick”

I hope Zara Mcdermott is excited to introduce unhealthy body standards to her young, impressionable audience. This is gross negligence of her platform imageTwittercom / lZAtHmCvhT

I didn’t have to see these pictures of Zara McDermott lose 3 bricks when she was already 10 and made me feel a little shitty lol x

Does anyone else feel that Zara McDermott’s Instagram isn’t healthy for people with body image issues?

zara mcdermott, who publishes her 3 stones weight loss in her insta story and is all over the press at the same time going through a messy breakup, is not positive news to send to young girls

I wish people would stop referring to Zara McDermott’s weight loss as a fitness transformation She is literally clinically underweight It doesn’t inspire that it’s sad

BTW, if you are a size 10 you DO NOT have to lose 3 stones to be healthy, and Zara Mcdermott shouldn’t encourage it

I have to stop following people from Love Island on Instagram. Three years almost down the drain from Zara McDermott’s latest story

Today Zara replied to all the comments on Instagram, she said: “So I just woke up with a couple of messages saying that I am being abused online for my weight loss I have never seen abuse because I don’t have Twitter – I think it’s the most hideous and poisonous place on the internet. Still, I’m trending on twitter …

“So I just took a quick look and just want to make something very clear I find it totally unfair to call myself” anorexic ” In my opinion, it’s the same as calling someone morbidly obese.This is a serious allegation of an eating disorder that I don’t have

“I understand that for anyone recovering from ED, any post about weight loss can be triggered, but my journey was carried out incredibly healthily. I was always quite tall and naturally slim when I was a teenager, I struggled to gain weight I ate a large amount in 2019, I’m probably talking about 3000 calories a day I was a size 10 which is not an unhealthy weight at all But for my body type, height, and the fact that I always had a fast metabolism and was always naturally small it was a big change

“However, all body types are different and I respect that. But I cannot be made to feel bad about my natural body type. Naturally, I have very long legs and a small waist. Of course, when I lost body fat it became even more apparent.” / p>

“I weigh a completely healthy BMI. I’m not going to apologize for eating healthier, making smarter decisions, and exercising four times a week. It frustrates me because this has been a long road for me to make my relationship with food a more positive one to change, be more mindful and find motivation to exercise when I wanted to give up at times, it took me 18 months to get to where I am now! That’s a long time! I didn’t drop three stones overnight! I did it slowly and healthily

“But it has been a positive change for the better. I now have so much more muscle, I can lift heavy weights, I feel happier and healthier, and most importantly, I feel good inside which means that I can stay longer and healthier Life will lead! ”

• Zara wrote a “heartfelt apology” letter to Sam after they broke up – here it is complete

Would have felt a lot better if Ant and Dec had read them out I’m a celebrity style

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