The former One Direction star has fought at the big music ceremony and “everyone involved” – as an ex-band colleague Harry Styles is nominated for three awards

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Zayn Malik signed up on Twitter to win the prestigious Grammy Awards for lack of transparency in the voting process’

The explosive joke comes as Harry Styles is ready for three Grammys and is slated to perform at the event this weekend. Zayn has been accused of unearthing his former bandmate

Dusk Till Dawn singer accused the awards of being biased He said you have no chance of being nominated if you don’t shake hands and send gifts

The Bradford-born star has reached out on social media to express his annoyance after being banned from the awards show

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“Unless you shake hands and send gifts, there are no nominations. Next year I’ll send you a basket of candy”

But celebrity blogger Perez Hilton asked if it was a dig on his former bandmate

After being nominated for three awards for the first time in his solo career after his hit album ‘Fine Line’, he is expected to perform

Taylor Swift, BTS and Billie Eilish are among those who will take the stage next week

To date, Zayn has won three Brit Awards, received six nominations for the Music Society Awards, as well as the NME and People’s Choice Awards

But he has yet to be shortlisted for a Grammy – and doesn’t seem happy about it

The star – real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye – stated in an explosive interview with Billboard that his previous Grammy wins “mean nothing to him”

“Look, I don’t care personally. I have three Grammys that obviously don’t mean anything to me now,” he said

“It’s just that this happened and I’m downstairs to stand in front of the fire as long as it never happens again I don’t like making speeches anyway. Forget Awards Ceremonies”

Zayn Malik

World News – GB – Zayn Malik starts an explosive rant after Grammy’s nudge