Justin Thomas said he was on a downward spiral in early 2021 and felt like “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” every day: First a live microphone caught Thomas blowing a gay bow after a missed putt during a tournament in January, then his grandfather died in February

Thomas, in need of guidance and advice, turned to Tiger Woods – and then Woods was involved in the devastating car accident in late February

“I knew Tiger was shooting in LA on Monday and Tuesday, so I wanted to wait for him to finish,” Thomas told ESPN. “And I wanted to reach him on Tuesday night like, ‘Hey, dude, let’s go let me know when you get home how i just wanna call you i’m not in a good place and i just gotta have a chat

Here’s our Masters feature on World No. 2 golfer Justin Thomas, which just aired live on Augusta’s Masters SportsCenter Special. An interesting story about how a conversation with Tiger Woods recently helped him figure out his path : https: // tco / Ww5pBH9qRV

Thomas eventually had a discussion with Woods, with his friend offering some advice that apparently spurred Thomas back into top-level conflicts

“What a hit with me when things don’t go well he says, ‘You have to find out No insult to your dad, no insult to your caddy, you have to go out alone, you’re a grown man and figure it out ‘”

Thomas is one of the favorites, alongside Dustin Johnson, who won the 2020 tournament, to win the Masters in 2021

Justin Thomas

World News – USA – Justin Thomas says Tiger Woods helped him get back into shape in a difficult start into 2021

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