As part of the ongoing Black History Month celebrations, Google replaced the homepage logo with an animated slide show featuring Audre Lorde for her work as a poet, feminist and civil rights activist

Audre Lorde was born on 18 Born February 1934 in Harlem, New York City – today she would be 87 Having been her birthday From a young age, Lorde had difficulty communicating, partly due to a difficult childhood.Instead, she recited poetry to share her feelings, and eventually started starting at age 12 At 15, Lorde had her first published work on the love poem “Spring” in Seventeen Magazine

An interesting aspect of Lorde’s poetic view of life is that she was actually born as “Audrey Lorde.” As explained in her “Biomythograph”, she dropped the “y” from her first name as she felt it was “Audre Lorde” had an artistic symmetry as both names end with “e” ”

Describing herself as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”, Audre Lorde became known in the civil rights movement and LGBTQ community for her works, demanding justice for the oppressed worldwide major publisher, Coal, adeptly addresses the unique beauties and difficulties of every aspect of their identity, including the challenges of being a lesbian in a straight marriage

The quotes on today’s Google Doodle slideshow are all from a speech titled “Learning from the 60s” that Audre Lorde gave at Harvard University in 1982. The doodle was contributed by guest artist Monica Ahanonu, who provided insights into the Genesis of the actual artwork and the kind of thoughts and emotions she wanted to evoke in a special Behind the Doodle video.The video also features powerful footage of Audre Lorde at work, be it speaking publicly, engaging in dialogue or hers To put words on paper with a typewriter

Meanwhile, on the Google Doodle blog, Lorde’s children Elizabeth and Jonathan shared their memories of their mother and how she may have reacted to being the subject of a Doodle

Our mother Audre Lorde died in 1992 after a fourteen year battle with metastatic breast cancer, but she would have loved the Google Doodle.She loved learning new things – and it would have been a great honor for her to have been introduced to As mentioned above she got her Masters in Library Science because she was very careful to catalog information in an orderly manner so that it could be located, even if centuries separated knowledge from its seeker. How would she have liked to sit at a keyboard and open worlds of knowledge, if she typed a few keywords or phrases!

The Google homepage is one of the most viewed websites in the world The company often uses this page to draw attention to historical events, celebrations or current events such as “Coronavirus Helpers” and more with doodles. The colorful drawings are changed regularly

Audre Lorde

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