Thousands of unemployed people were unable to certify their entitlements on the EDD website at the weekend

A man walks past the employment development department in San Francisco in June People trying to file new claims or certify unemployment claims in order to keep benefits up were frustrated that weekend when the EDD website went down / p>
The website of the troubled California Department of Employment Development failed to process claimants’ information over the weekend and was still erratic on Monday

“Limited Service: SDI Online and UI Online,” the EDD posted on its website late Monday morning using the acronyms for State Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance

“Some customers are having problems using these services,” wrote EDD, “We are working to get service back as soon as possible, please try again later”

Thousands of unemployed people flocked to social media on Sunday to say they couldn’t confirm their claims This process must take place every two weeks for unemployment benefits to continue.People who were unemployed for a year – a large number of pandemic-related layoffs began in March 2020 – were also unable to make new claims, which after 12 Monthly performance is required

Most people said they could fill out a page of questions just for the website to return an error message.Some people on social media said they spent hours updating the website, trying different browsers and different devices , and some said they could eventually file their claims

“I need to file my claim ASAP or I won’t be able to pay my mortgage,” said Marty Roth, of Daly City, an assistant at the facility who was laid off in May

She tried to certify yesterday afternoon and kept getting weird error messages, “Every time I tried, the error occurred differently,” she said, “I haven’t had any problems before and now they seem Made some changes that affected my own ability to file my claim“I was getting scared because when these things happen you always feel like it is something you did. It’s like this: Please just send a notification”

Last week it said there had to be an infrastructure in place for self-employed and those with a federal renewal plan by April to certify benefits even though they are insured retrospectively.No questions were answered about the impact of the large number of people who have been since have been unemployed for a year and have to submit new applications

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