Evergy urges Kansas City subway customers to turn thermostats down to 68 degrees, limit the use of large appliances, and seal windows to conserve energy for the area’s power grids, which are exposed to above-average loads due to sub-zero temperatures and photo credit Kyle Palmer

With dangerously cold sub-zero temperatures forecast for the first half of this week, Evergy (formerly KCP&L) urges customers to reduce power consumption as much as possible to avoid mass outages

The Southwest Power Pool, which coordinates the power supply for 17 states in the central USThis week’s weather is one of the coldest in the region in decades, resulting in higher electricity demands

The additional demand could strain the region’s power grid and create an increased potential for power shortages

At the same time, the cold weather is creating a high demand for natural gas to heat households and businesses and is putting a strain on the gas supply available for electricity generation. Icy conditions have also made the availability of wind generation uncertain

“Our Evergy employees work around the clock to manage our power plants and power lines,” said Kevin Bryant, Evergy’s chief operating officer, in a statement. “But even with reliable operation, the extreme cold results in high demand for Electricity and a burden on the natural gas supply All utility companies in the area must seek help from customers to conserve energy until temperatures warm up later this week

“Anyone who does their part to save electricity over the next few days will help us ensure that the electricity supply continues to best meet the needs of the region”

Kansas Gov Laura Kelly has declared a state of disaster due to the expected burden on government utilities

Evergy is asking customers to complete these steps at least until Wednesday to save energy and avoid power outages:

In the meantime, WaterOne urges all customers to let the water drip from the taps overnight in households and businesses

Temperatures of 23 degrees and below can cause unprotected internal pipes to freeze and prevent water from leaking out of the tap

The risk is particularly high in older houses due to uninsulated pipes, but pipes can also freeze in newer houses

Anyone with pipes that are already frozen can try to safely thaw the pipe as soon as possible, or ask a plumber for help.In the meantime, WaterOne customers looking to thaw frozen pipes should also try the following tips: p>

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World News – USA – Evergy wants to avoid cold weather power outages – and urges customers in the KC region to do so

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