GameStop (GME) is on the rise again as its stock is up over 100% today

If you think the current situation around GameStop (GME) stock is over, think again. Its stock was on fire today, rising over 100 percent and getting stopped twice in the process

The market closed at 4 p.m. ET on Dec. February and the hour before it closed, GameStop (GME) stock exploded over 100%, ending the day at a valuation of $ 91.71 GME had seen a small spike throughout the day that catapulted after 3 p.m. ET The sudden spike Enough to stop GameStop (GME) twice

It’s also noteworthy that Reddit is not available at the time of this writing if you’re unaware of its relevance, Reddit is home to r / WallStreetBets, the subreddit community that has been a driving force for the past few weeks for the volatility of GameStop (GME) stock, it’s likely that a sharp surge in traffic caused the site to temporarily crash

The situation at GameStop (GME) first exploded in January, when the stock hit an all-time high after a brief squeeze, consequences included Robinhood limiting users’ tradability, as well as legal hearings that we will keep updating this story as new ones come Information is available

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In the pump and dump system, people are represented by two separate but equally important groups: the pumps that make all the profits and the suction cups that hold the bag at the end. These are their stories

It ended the day with a 14 minute stop I thought the breaks are usually five minutes Do they have different rules towards the end of the day?

I chose the wrong time to transfer all of my money from Robinhood without my Fidelity account funded

Up to 184 after hours – damn, I knew I should have bought earlier I actually wanted to pick up a few while it was in my 40s to hold onto a bit but never got around to funding my Fidelity account

I expired puts in March but didn’t touch calls as they didn’t move I should have made YOLO bets 🙁

Yes, my puts expire in March and April. They are all down 75%, but at that point, YOLO So why sell those worthless shit contracts?

We go to the moon We always went to the moon Paper hands just decided the journey was too long

LOL not again! here we go gooooooo I was wondering which platforms are auto-selling after hours: D

I got off at $ 154 and I’m fine I’m not sure this is still on the way to the moon

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World News – USA – GameStop (GME) stock has stopped twice as shares rose over 100% today climb