There were two South Carolina defense attorneys who signed out after head coach Will Muschamp was fired, one of which is projected as an early pick for the first round from an NFL bill draft on Walter Football, a website that lists their rankings on the 30th December updated Jaycee Horn as No. 1 selected 6 overall selections in the NFL draft this April

If Walter Football is correct, Horn would be the first defender selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and the second Southeastern Conference player to be behind No. 1 was selected 5 Overall selection Jamarr Chase, a broad receiver at the LSU

It should be noted, however, that a look at the latest mock drafts from CBS Sports, NFLcom, and Pro Football Focus show Horn in the first round nowhere Walter Football is the outlier

In three seasons, Horn started 29 games during his football career in South Carolina and played in one. That season he had a total of 16 tackles, one of which meant a loss of yards. He also has a couple of interceptions, both against Auburn when he was won SEC Defensive Player of the Week and had six pass separations on his account

Horn announced that he would sign off the rest of the season on November 16, the day after the sacking of Muschamp Horn, who is expected to compete for a first-round selection in the 2021 NFL draft, said in an interview , which was released in November, revealed more details on why he had decided to retire from college 22

“It was a big decision, mostly because we were struggling and I felt like I was going to risk a lot in the last three games,” Horn said in an interview with Jordan Reid, NFL draft analyst for The Draft Network

“My family situation too I had my grandparents come down with COVID My grandpa lost a lot of weight My aunt actually was in the hospital and struggled to go through it, and luckily she is better now luckily I didn’t say anything about it ( at the time of the announcement) It was not just a deregistration, but an exit from my team. My team knows how I deal with them. It was mentally busy for me and I just had the feeling that it was the right decision at the time ”

Horn was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week for the first time this year after intercepting two interceptions and causing another in an angry win over Auburn The Alpharetta, Ga. The native has six pass breakups in five games this season that came with those two interceptions that he returned a total of 34 yards

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