The first rumors about the iPhone 13 came out just before Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 12 at the moment, there’s no set date for the iPhone 13’s release, but the rumors suggest it Could be in September 2021 as well as four new iPhone 13 phones, new ProMotion 120 Hz displays, a new quad camera with 10x zoom, a new A15 chipset and a price starting at £ 699 (USD 799, AU 1349 $)

Above is an iPhone 13 trailer showing its likely features, and below are the upcoming 4 iPhone 13 phones:

It has been rumored that Apple has been making an iPhone with no external ports for a while to create a more unique and cohesive design since MagSafe launched for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, there is a greater likelihood of the upcoming iPhone 13 removed the Lightning connector and the iPhone 13 charging port is no longer present

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iPhone 13

World News – US – iPhone 13 Release Date: When will the upcoming iPhone 13 be released?