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Free Agency Day One Recap

Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

The NBA list on Tuesday night was highlighted by an east-west showdown between the Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz and lived up to the bill after 48 minutes of competition, the Jazz held on to the track, scooping a 117-109 victory

As usual, the Jazz were powered by their elite 3-point attack. They went 19-for-43 from downtown, and all but the centers Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors made a 3 Jordan Clarkson led by 20 points from the Bench while Donovan Mitchell scored 19 points and hit a triple clutch

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were on point for the Celtics, combining 57 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.But as has been too often for Boston this season, they didn’t have enough help, especially Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart scored together only 21 points after shooting only 9:26 from the field

Last week we saw the Celtics lose a competitive game against the nets because they were destroyed in the 3 point fight and simply couldn’t get enough points to make up that difference Tuesday night it was the same story, when jazz left the Celtics behind by 27 points from beyond the arc

For the season, the Jazz takes the most 3s per game in the league, finishing third in 3-point percent with 39 points6 All this despite the fact that they have no player that the fans consider 3-point -Specialists might consider – although Joe Ingles is fourth in the league at 461 percent

In fact, Ingles and Mike Conley are the only two jazz players in the top 40 for this season this season, but the fact that their attack is so diverse is part of what makes them so difficult to keep safe apart from Gobert and favors that just don’t venture outside, everyone is a skilled shooter in jazz. With seven different rotation players shooting more than 37 percent out of three, defying the defense is extremely difficult

We saw that in this game everyone but Gobert and Favors hit at least a 3 and Ingles, Clarkson, Mitchell and Mike Conley hit at least three of them

This has been an odd season for the Celtics, battling injuries and COVID-19, trying to implement new players, and introducing over a dozen different starting lineups, but there has been at least one constant over the past few months: Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will show up

You surely did it against the jazz it was pretty much everything you’d expect from your two best players. When the last buzzer sounded, the duo totaled 57 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and five steals, unfortunately they did for Boston didn’t get enough help

Daniel Theis and Robert Williams had solid games, but no one but “The Jays” scored more than 16 points, and the bank only combined 21 compare that to Jazz, who got 45 points from their reserves all season this is a problem for the Celtics they have a high ceiling, but it’s hard to be consistent if you don’t know what the supporting cast you’re getting every night

Sure, part of it is the injuries and absences and all the different roles the players had to fill, but part of it is the bench that just isn’t that great – at least not from an offensive standpoint for the season The Celtics are ranked No. 26 in the league in the bank scoring, averaging just 329 points per game.For President Danny Ainge, finding help in this area will be an important goal until the trading deadline on Jan. March ends

Jazz had a dominant start to the season and after a 25-point win against the Lakers at the end of February they had a 26-6 record. They have stalled a bit since then and when they got into the matchup with the Celtics , they had lost four out of six games on either side of the All-Star break

That included a loss to the Warriors on Sunday that kicked off a five-game road trip for jazz as they made their way to the East Coast, facing their first real adversity all season, so it was pretty impressive to see them pull off a tough win against the Celtics – especially after falling by double digits almost instantly

With the win, Jazz improved to 29-10, which is still the best record in the league. And now that they have the Celtics game out of the way, they stand a chance of more wins on this journey and strengthen their position in the race for home advantage The Wizards, Raptors, and Bulls are their remaining games before returning home, and they are all very beatable

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