The procession from the hospital to the DC. The chief physician’s office comprised US. Capitol Police and US. Park Police

The US. Capitol Police officer killed in attack on the U.S The Capitol Building was transported to GW Hospital, according to the Metropolitan Police Department

Kristen Metzger, an MPD spokeswoman, said the department took part in a procession in which the officer’s body was brought from the hospital to D.C. Chief physician’s office at approx 4 p.m. Friday afternoon The procession took place less than three hours after a vehicle crashed into two Capitol police officers near Constitution Avenue before another officer shot the suspect after he got out of the vehicle and fell with a knife

Capitol Police officer William Evans died of injuries sustained during the Capitol attack, according to a press release. He had served in the Force for 18 years

“It is with deep sadness that I share the news of the death of Officer William ‘Billy’ Evans this afternoon from injuries sustained after a lone attacker attacked the North Barricade,” said Acting Police Chief of the Capitol, Yogananda Pittman “Officer Evans had served on the United States Capitol Police for 18 years March 2003 and served on the Capitol Division’s First Responder’s Unit. Please keep Officer Evans and his family in your thoughts and prayers

The Capitol Police said in a press release this afternoon that Evans was being rushed to the hospital by a police cruiser The suspect was transported by D.C. Fire and ambulance services to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries at around 1:30 p.m., the press release says

Metzger said MPD cited the procession of Evans’ body as a “courtesy” to get the officer from the hospital to the chief physician’s office. Capitol Police and U.S. officers also attended the procession Park Police

She added that MPD also often helps lead the procession from the office to a funeral home after the incident

“We just want to express our condolences to the U” Capitol Police for the loss of their officer, “said Metzger,” It is just a truly tragic event that happened today and we also offer our condolences to the officer’s family “

She said MPD officials will be conducting an investigation into the attack and will be in contact with suspects and witnesses from the crime scene while they are collecting video evidence

“Every time an officer surrenders his weapon in the District of Columbia, we investigate Since these are deaths, we are also investigating all deaths in the district, whether it’s murder or just death, “she said

GW warned the university community about the police in front of the hospital at 3:30 pm

“Increased police presence on 900-BLK 23rd St NW” reads the warning, “Expect delays No threat to campus”

President Joe Biden ordered the flags of the White House to be lowered to half mast just before 5 p.m.

“Jill and I were broken when we learned of the violent attack at a security checkpoint on the U.S Capitol grounds that killed officer William Evans of the U.S Capitol Police and left a fellow officer fighting for his life, “Biden said in a statement We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Officer Evans and all who mourn his loss from We know how difficult this has been for the Capitol everyone who works there and for those who protect it ”

The attack comes nearly three months after a group of rioters stormed the Capitol in January and killed a Capitol police officer during the attack, with the riot giving way to heightened security, with members of the National Guard occupying the campus prior to the presidential inauguration / p>

After Jan the security fences around the Capitol building extended 6 attacks, but officials began removing the fence last month without pointing out “known, credible threats”

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World News – US officer killed in U Capitol attack transported to GW Hospital